Little Busters Refrain: Episode 4


Recap: Riki and Rin decide to start dating. The rest of the Little Busters crew supports them cheerfully, but there is something they are keeping hidden…


Lifesong’s Thoughts:I didn’t think Rin and Riki would actually work that well as a romantic pair, but now that I’ve seen it they have more chemistry than I have given them credit for. That confession by the lake was perhaps the most unromantic anime confession of all time, but somehow it was still cute. Rin and Riki have been together for a long time so what really changes if we add a little romance to the mix?

There is an interesting question to be asked in here about the nature of love and well it’s honestly more than I probably want to get into in an anime blog. For me it brings to mind the way love is a word that means many different things. Some of those are things you do, some them things emotions you feel or otherwise experience. Riki and Rin’s relationship is based off the former with very little of the later.


All of this childhood friend becoming a romance stuff is cute, but I’m dying to know how things fall apart. It was harrowing to see Kurugaya simply vanish like she was never there. It’s not like with Mio where everyone forgot her, or is it? There seems to be more going on and I’m starting to suspect everyone except Riki and Rin are in on it.

Kyouske knows everything and that’s always stuck me as a bit odd. He doesn’t seem very sharp, but he feels weathered and experienced. Last season I questioned if he represents god and now I’m wondering again if that is the case. Something is very wrong in this world and Kyouske knows what it is, the rest of the Little Busters crew might know as well.


The scene where everyone is happily picking on Riki and Rin took a dark turn once the two of them left. There was a knowing mood between everyone left that felt to me like the end of something and something more than the obvious. I think we all know something supernatural is probably going on, but for the life of me I can’t guess what it is.

Looking forward I half expect everyone to vanish after some final farewell. Little Busters has had some good sad moments so far, Mios arc and Kurugaya’s end were both pretty sad, but none of that has really left me crying. I’m seeing all the other anime bloggers preparing their tissues, especially the ones who have read the visual novel so my exceptions are pretty high.

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