Beyond the Boundary Episode 5


Recap: Mirai gets suspended, and thus the fanservice job episode commences.

An understandable breather episode this week as we recover from the aftermath of Mirai’s actions. It’s interesting to see what was hinted at with the relationship between Akihito and the Nases come to light so frankly. Akihito is dangerous, these kids don’t hang out with him because they like him exactly, its just part of the job. It’s that boundary that Mirai straddles as she comes to finally trust in him, but is also equally wary of his power.


I was a bit disappointed at how skeevy this episode was. I suppose another glasses ogling scene was inevitable. It was super creepy, but we’ve established that these two are super creepy. I drew the line with that maid outfit afterwards. That was pretty much more random and inappropriate than Chii’s photo modeling escapade in Hyouka(though I suppose no penguins this time). I know you have a full episode to pad out but there has to be something more that can be done with our time. Last week a lot of people were taking back the joke description of this show as “moe moe dark fantasy kyun” and this episode certainly didn’t do the show any favors at keeping it that way.


Still, the animation was rock solid as always and I liked how they played around with Mirai in animating her. I love it when KyoAni breaks out the Nichijou faces and there were definitely some here and there. With everyone rested up I’m ready for some more action. Sakura absorbing Youmu isn’t something we’ve seen before, so I can only assume that’s the source of her enhanced powers. Hopefully we’ll get more to her story than just simple revenge as we finally figure out what her deal is.

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