Outbreak Company: Episode 5


Recap: Elbia settles into her role as in Shinichi’s Manor, but something about her starts to worry him… What if she really is a bad person out for his life?


Lifesong’s Thoughts: This episode was basically about Elbia and fitting her in with the rest of the characters. I can appreciate an episode for properly introducing her character and letting us see how her character fits in with the rest of cast. Outbreak Company feels a bit slow at times, but I personally can’t see that as a fault. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax in a fantasy if you know what I mean?

Outbreak Company has officially gone into harem territory for better or worse. I don’t have much of a problem with it. Everything falls into place naturally in a way that avoids the usual pitfalls that drive me away from Harem stuff. The biggest of those being a bad protagonist and an inability to realize any sort of ending with a harem setup. The first of those simply isn’t an issue, Shinichi has proven himself an interesting lead and it isn’t hard to see why the girls and uh… even Gaius, are falling for him. And yes Gaius is officially into boys love manga now, so that is a thing.


I like the fact that Schinichi’s school has remained in focus even if the last two episodes have primarily displayed the school as a gag routine. On the one hand Outbreak Company is clearly going for some cheap laughs by making dwarves “eternal” lolicons and having the elves and dwarves form their own fandoms based off what Shinichi has taught them and shown them about visual novels and on the other hand it hasn’t failed to make me laugh even once. It’s hard to put something down when it keeps succeeding at what it is trying to do.

There is also a more serious side to the school and it’s one I hope they will get back to. That is the way education influences people. Influencing and belief are fascinating topics, or at least I tend to think they are… Shinichi did make a comment about they are taking to the culture so strongly, that little hint makes me think that Outbreak Company is still fully aware of and in control of what it is doing and where it is going, but I guess time will be the real judge of that.


Looking forward, actually… I have no idea what comes next. Maybe some more serious twists with Elbia? Maybe something new with the school? Teaching BL in school?… I certainly won’t complain if whatever comes next involves more of Myucel. Myucel’s desire to go home with Schinichi whenever he returns got another heart attack out of me. Well I don’t really know what’s next, but Outbreak Company has plenty going on, I guess we will just have to tune in next week and find out!

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