Beyond the Boundary Episode 6


Recap: Mirai is back in business, but the rent is due. In order to make some quick cash, they go after a strange youmu that proves there is no such thing as quick cash.

Okay… I guess we’re taking another breather before getting into the meat of things. I’m all for fun antics but I think my patience for that has come to an end here. I know Mirai has a life outside of the thirty-minute window we normally get of her, but do we really need to see her earn every penny of her rent? What if Batman comics showed entire volumes of Bruce Wayne heading a board meeting? I’m sure not many would be enthused. To be fair, her pay still comes from killing demons, so it’s a little different from upper management, but she doesn’t even manage to do that.


I’ve always felt that when KyoAni decides to infuse their own kind of comedy into an episode it’s always kind of off. I know this was supposed to be solely a joke driven episode, but man did it mean the logic of it all suffered. I think my biggest problem is, if two of these people can create cages strong enough to contain smells and repel other demons, why not trap the giant fruit demon in one and then kill it after it’s done spillin’ its juices? Seems like a slam-dunk to me, but no we have to sing for it because comedy.


I’ll admit the idol sequence at the end was kinda funny, but good grief was it unphotogenic. Every shot was panned or a close-up on some random bodypart so you couldn’t get everything you wanted. I just ended up settling for a picture of Mirai winking ’cause that is just plain adorable. I saw that final joke from a mile away, but it was so cartoonish it felt like I was watching a Loony Toons short by the end of it so I actually found it pretty funny. Hopefully this heavy dose of the saccharine is simply an emotionalbuffer for the depressing times ahead. I, for one, welcome a return to the plot.


8 thoughts on “Beyond the Boundary Episode 6

  1. I would have to disagree. This would qualify as one of my favourite episodes of anime I have ever watched. I was in fits of laughter throughout the episode.

    • I agree it was a funny episode as I particularly love how KyoAni handles humor. Personally though, I’d pump the breaks before putting any superlatives on it.

  2. Ever watched? I’m not saying it was horrible, but to say this was one of the greatest things ever seems like kinda a stretch.

  3. This episode was dumb, but it was well made and fun. It was dumb in the -this is intentionally going stupid places- type of way and I loved it. It put the world building to use in fun creative ways like using the bubble power to trap the smell and giving our characters a fun silly way to establish some bonding. That montage was fantastic.

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