Monogatari Series 2nd Season Episode 19

Sorry, but Touma still has the bigger haremSorry, but no amount of headbiting will change the fact that Touma has a bigger harem

Recap: With the Darkness threatening the entire town, Araragi and the girls argue over which one he likes best and look for good cell phone reception.

Jel’s Thoughts: You know, it’s hard to get motivated to write about a series when it feels like it’s being phoned in. After an entire episode of info dumping last week, I was hoping we’d get a lot more out of this week’s outing than just talk. Instead we got very little in the way of new information as the conclusion of 22+ minutes of episode was: “let’s talk to Gaen”.

Come on girls, you're supposed to draw it on his face

I’ll admit I’m still enjoying the tension between Ononoki and Shinobu, but framing it all with Araragi lusting after the three girls is just so… pointless. Shinobu even drops the reminder that he has a girlfriend and that’s pretty much glossed over. I’m pretty tired of him perving out over Mayoi as well, it’s to the point where they’re clearly just doing it out of obligation. The entire first half of the episode could have been condensed to 3-5 minutes and I think we would have all been better off for it.

You guys have been sitting and talking for 2 episodes, NO MORE BREAKS

The scene in the mountains fared better as at least there was some mystery and sense of danger that needed to be addressed. The series has done a good job of building up the relationship with Araragi and Shinobu to the point where you actually care if they get separated. At least they did enough in that regard to keep me looking forward to next week, although I’m not really enjoying the fact I found myself in a similar spot at the end of last episode. Quick side note: I was really looking forward to a new Shinobu OP since she’s voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, an actress probably more known for singing at this point than VA work. There’s got to be some reason why they haven’t done one, maybe contract issues? Maybe she doesn’t want to sing in a little girl voice? I don’t know the answer and I’m not going to count that against the series, but I am kind of disappointed we haven’t gotten one yet.

2 thoughts on “Monogatari Series 2nd Season Episode 19

  1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who is tired of the whole lolicon crap (Imo it’s a dead joke and as the episode played out I kept saying to myself “Okay, Koyomi is a creepy perv can we get on with the story now?”)

    As for shinobu, I think we all know where she is, Remember in Nekomonogatari white? When shinobu and Black hanekawa met up? shinobu had said that the link between her and Koyomi had been broken and she couldn’t find him so In short, She’s probably fine.

    My problem with this arc is lack of story, I want to know more about that darkness not which kid does a perv love best >_>

    Btw, which arc so far has been your favorite Jel?

    • Yep.

      My favorite arc this season was Nadeko’s since that actually had a lot happen and tied in with her previous arc. For the series overall I’d probably say Suruga Monkey, but I’d also give a special mention to Bakemonogatari episode 12 since that was kind of its own thing.

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