Arpeggio of Blue Steel Episode 6


Recap: The army has come to murder a five year old. The military attack takes its toll as Haruna stands up against a strong assault.


A whole lot of action this week, but nothing really happens. It was a nice change of pace from constant boat battles, and it was very well choreographed. Once again, this show looks best when it models the inhuman, the helecopters and spider tanks were cool and the effects as they were destroyed were impressive. It’s a shame this was all during the night, as while it made Haruna’s hard light attacks look pretty it meant the backgrounds were muted out almost completely. It also made an already unphotogenic show even moreso, but I suppose that’s only my problem.


In the end we got a nice sappy friendship session proving the robots seem to have more feelings than anyone in all of military command. It was nice to see Iona get in on the action and tear stuff up. It seems like a bad move to save these mental models just because they asked for it, but it seems like the I-401 has had a better working relationship with the Fog than the military since the show started. I have to wonder what they will do now that they’re on board. I suppose Kirishima is no longer a huge threat, but couldn’t she still manage to like, Idno slit the crew’s throats in their sleep? For now, focus is back on crazy Takao. It seems like she’s a full-on gag character at this point, but I do hope they manage to make her somewhat serious here.

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