Beyond the Boundary Episode 8


Recap: As Sakura becomes the best troll, The Calm sweeps over the land. Its effects weaken Youmu, but for Akihito, something different is happening.

A bit of an info dump this week, but it was the kind I didn’t mind. The presentation made up pretty well for wha. There was almost a Shaftian level of artistry to how they managed to make the infodump entertaining. Akihito’s mom is always good for a one-off joke, and his face was absolutely priceless. I was a little more bored of the scenic car ride infodump, but they knew how to end it well enough that you didn’t get too sidetracked.


The fighting was really top-notch this week. It was a nice change of pace to see the real professionals just go all out as every spirit world warrior and their mom came out to play. I still don’t get what about Mirai’s powers make her so dangerous. Everyone else in this fight seemed to be able to do just as much damage themselves. Shady dude’s powers seem even more dangerous to me, with the way it looks as he expresses them normally, it’s just like the weapon Sakura was given. Does that mean he can just create those weapons whenever he wants?  I suppose he wouldn’t be a good villain if he wasn’t threatening.


Mirai was absolutely adorable again this episode.  “You’re being unpleasant” has quickly become my least favorite phrase of the entire show. It was certainly no “I’m curious!” and the way she said it with almost every third word was just annoying. That’s why I’m actually kinda surprised that I loved her little scene with Sakura as much as I did. Maybe I’m still just a sucker for romance, and seeing Mirai already come to terms with her feelings made me pretty happy.


If there was one thing I was disappointed about, it just seemed kind of silly that no one knew what would happen to Akihito. If crossbreeding happened at least once you’d think it’d have happened enough times that they’d know the results. Did the calm never occur while he was alive? They seem to make it appear much more frequent than that, so then why is everyone in the dark about its effects? Either way it did make for a nice dramatic ending as Mirai is happily running into a dangerous situation. Will the power of hugs be enough to help him this time?

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