Log Horizon: Episode 9


Recap: The guild negotiations begin concurrently with Log Horizon’s rescue mission.

Iro’s Thoughts:
Words, words, words, yet again! But just like last week, events remain highly engaging despite the episode just being a bunch of people standing around and talking. In particular, the group goes into a long discussion on the laws of the world, with Shiroe arguing that they’re currently lawless and Isaac arguing that the limitations of the game world could be considered laws of a sort. To be honest, it all sounded like something I’d hear in a philosophy class, or possibly a Hideo Kojima game. Take your pick on which is better.

The escape of the kids being abused by Hamelin manages to keep tension high throughout the episode as well, and ties in nicely with Shiroe’s plan at the round table conference. Let the record show that I called it: Shiroe’s plan was to purchase the main guild building, but I didn’t realize that it would give him control over the game bank as well. It’s a hilariously bold-faced maneuver, and my reaction was the same as Serara’s: that’s the type of devious plan that only a villain would cook up. It leads to a great comeuppance for the Hamelin leader, and a great moment of catharsis as Tohya and Minori collapse in relief.


Speaking of Tohya and Minori, while I considered them to be fairly boring characters so far, that one quick flashback while they were running almost completely changed my mind. A quick flash of Minori pushing Tohya in a wheelchair manages to imply a ton about their backstory and justify the way they’re acting. I’m looking forward to them joining Log Horizon and hopefully adding something of worth to the show.

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