Beyond the Boundary Episode 9


Recap: Akihito goes full Youmu, and the secret behind Beyond the Boundary is revealed.

Things get real serious this episode. With Akihito out of control and creepy laser tentacle dude still on the attack, things don’t look good for the gang. I knew things would go from bad to worse, but man it happened way faster than I thought it would. With Mitsuki and Hitomi distracted, Mirai is confronted by Akihito’s demonic form once again. The poor girl just can’t catch a break.


The animation was absolutely fantastic this week. It really is starting to show just how much can be done when you have the resources KyoAni has. Every fight has been absolutely gorgeous thus far, and yet somehow this week’s action was able to top even what’s come before. They do somewhat abuse theĀ “spin a weapon to destroy stuff” trope but that’s in every fighting show so it gets a pass. It looks like next episode will be a calm, but considering business with the creepy dude is unfinished, I doubt this is the biggest fight we’ll see.


I’m a bit confused by the end. Was that report implying Mirai has been working with the elder Nase the whole time? It seems to be the case, but they don’t do a good job of saying things outright. I suppose it finally explains why there is such an uneasy air between the Nases and Mirai, and her being forced to spy on Akihito would definitely explain it. It would be the only reason I could have seen things turning out the way they did. Akihito being the youmu of Beyond the Boundary(I still think that’s a stupid name for a creature) was something I didn’t see coming, so kudos for throwing up a couple of reveals that didn’t feel cheap at all. The preview says Akihito’s kicked the bucket, but seeing as he’s the main character, something tells me stories of his demise are greatly exaggerated.

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