Beyond the Boundary Episode 11


Recap: Mirai is still trapped in Beyond the Boundary. It turns out it was never defeated, only sealed away, and is slowly sapping energy from the real world. After a visit from his infodump …I mean mother… he finally goes out to join the fight.

Beyond the Boundary is really showing off that budget. With two episodes left I was hoping for some pretty action scenes and I definitely was not disappointed. I kind of wish the monsters were a little more vibrant in color. Most all of them looked made of green radioactive sludge, but at least there was enough variety in form to keep me interested.The beginning of the show was a good mix of straight-action as Mirai continues to battle Beyond the Boundary while our other heroes try to figure out whats going on.


The latter half of the episode was another story. even all that action can’t just how much of an infodump this episode is. Lesson one of info dumping: If you have a character talking to absolutely no one in order to convey information, you’re doing it wrong. We still have no idea as to what this dude’s motivations are, as far as we know he just seems to be evil, without any reason. That is as low as you can go, might as well have given the guy a curly mustache. Having his mother appear in the flesh right after Snidelihiro Whiplash really didn’t help things, either. This show has had its fun, but the time for levity has passed. To believe his mother would continue to pull these kinds of charades when she knows lives are at stake is ridiculous.


To be quite honest, I’m not sure what Akihito brings to this final fight. He never had any powers as a human, and I hope going to the other side doesn’t just magically give him youmu strength. I suppose I wouldn’t hate a power of love kind of deal since those two are absolutely adorable, but it would hurt the overall narrative. Nomatter how it ends, Beyond the Boundary won’t be my favorite KyoAni title ever, but purely by its style it’s earned a place among its peers.

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