Oreimo 2 Episode 13

Kirino remembers her childhood and how she used to get along with her brother. She recalls how their relationship deteriorated and how she got into her otaku hobbies.

Oreimo 2 Episode 4

Kirino’s roommate and friendly rival from America arrives in Japan for a visit. The Kousakas show her around Akihabara before she proposes a race.

First Impressions: Date A Live

“Spacequakes” ravage the landscape of the world occasionally, and it turns out they’re caused by cute girls appearing from another world. The only way to solve this without killing them is to date them.

Haganai NEXT Episode 3

Maria “runs away from home” and spends the night tormenting Kobato at the Hasegawa home. With exams over, Yozora decides to hold an after party for the Neighbor’s Club and Rika proposes a King’s Game.