Log Horizon: Episode 14 and 15



Shiroe learns about the history of the world from Regan as the noobs’ teamwork begins to finally come together.

Iro’s Thoughts

Do you like talking? I hope you like talking, because it’s becoming increasingly clear that Log Horizon is all about the talking, for better or worse. This makes sense considering Mamare also wrote the impossibly-talk-heavy Maoyu and that the studio clearly doesn’t have enough budget to animate anything other than lots of talking. Episode 15 is basically one massive infodump shoved down our throats, detailing the history of the world and the circumstances behind the Apocalypse. It’s interesting, if you’re into that sort of thing (I particularly liked the tidbit about how time flows differently between the two worlds, and how this means Shiroe has been around for a hundred years to them), but WOW it drags on.

As for the kids, after YET MORE TALKING where they all conveniently explain their skills, we finally get to see them actually work together like intelligent human beings instead of total morons. It’s a fun enough, sequence, but it sort of all boils down to understanding how aggro works, which is basic enough that it makes the kids look rather thick.


Rudy is the biggest mystery at the moment, and by “biggest mystery” I mean “Most Obvious Mystery”. Gee pieced it together before I did (see below), but it’s fairly obvious as of episode 16 that Rudy is a Lander who somehow managed to become a Sorcerer. He has a surname, doesn’t seem to understand basic gameplay, and can’t be added to friend lists. Plus, we know Landers can die permanently and he seems to be making a dramatic sacrifice in the OP.

At any rate, the cliffhanger of episode 16 seems to be implying we’ll be seeing some action soon. We just received an explanation of what exactly is up with the demi-humans like goblins and such, so it’s easy to see that they would become relevant soon. I’d like to see some large-scale army battles after Regan’s explanation of large-scale magic, but I doubt that will actually happen. Even so, I’m looking forward to what comes next.



I knew it! I figured Rudy was a Lander, Mamare has shown before that he’s a savvy enough author to effectively telegraph something like this without it being too obvious. Overall, I second Iro’s sentiments on the past couple of episodes. Very dialogue heavy, thought not without merit. Much of the talk about the demi-humans as well as the nature of life and death in Elder Tale has equipped us with some interesting knowledge about the world. It’s honestly quite fascinating how Regan sets the tone of Elder Tale’s history through the perspective of the Landers. Since in-game time goes by quicker, it suddenly makes sense that Shiroe, a max level player who’d played the game for eight years, is considered a pretty big deal since his exploits have been recorded by the Landers for 100 in-game years.

It’s the culmination of these little details and pieces of world building that gives Log Horizon its depth and consistency, making it something to look forward to every week. Now that the knowledge required by the viewer has been relayed, I look forward to seeing how they decide to play things out from here.

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