5 Sexy Robots Too Hot to Handle!


These smooth sexy robots from Japan are too much for one man! Think you can handle the kinda firepower these gorgeous machines are packing? Click and find out!

#5: Gold 4 – Majestic Prince


A dark horse in this race, but I must feature the sexy bot with the sliding head from Majestic Prince. I can think of plenty of things I’d do with that feature.

#4: Chamber – Gargantia


The fourth spot goes to the helpful robro from Gargantia! Not only does Chamber have an absolutely stunning paint job, but those curvy hips of his go on for days! Unf.

#3: Scopedog – VOTOMS


Who says a guy can’t love a robot with lenses? Sure the Scopedogs are a big on the chunky side, but anyone who can pull off eyewear like that gets a thumbs up from me, amongst other things…

#2: Tachikoma – Ghost in the Shell


Don’t look at me like that! Sure the Tachikoma are four legged, but they have the heart and mind of a pure maiden! Those curves combined with that bubbly personality of theirs makes them a sure winner in my books. And even better? Identical siblings baby!

#1: Metal Gear Ray – Metal Gear Solid


Oh you thought I was gonna mention her older sister, Rex huh? Well unfortunately there’s only 5 spots on this list and Rex is old and busted. Compared to the smooth contours of the Ray, it’s really no context who’s the winner here. But hey, they can both come over.

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