Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 24



As the mysterous Overlords enter the fray, all sides jockey for information on these strange new foes.

Marlin’s Thoughts

Another banner week for Gaim. The Overlords have made their presence known, and boy, was it effective. While it’s a little ridiculous that the green one was somehow able to parse the spoken word from the written one, his quick adaptation of the language shows how much mental power these creatures have, on top of the already impressive physical strength shown in the fight against Kaito. It would seem this episode shows Sagara’s true colors as another Overlord, however one that has allowed himself to still look human. There seems to be a theme of boredom for these new villains. It’s a well worn trope of immortals, but one I could see playing out well to Gaim‘s more philosophical moments. It seems to me that DJ Sagara wants the Riders to ascend to some greater existence -the oft mentioned “forbidden fruit”- but what is his true motive? Does he simply want more of his kind, or is there something more to being chosen?

Back on Team Gaim, Micchy’s descent into darkness takes another turn. It seems to me that his former crush for Mai is starting to turn into an obsession. Without Kouta on his side, she is the only one left to keep him grounded. The conversation between the two of them seemed innocent enough, but the entire time it seemed like Micchy was forcing himself to look happy. His chat with the schoolmate shows how far into despair he’s fallen, and I can’t imagine it will take much more to break him. After talking with Kouta again, it seems he finds his meddling beyond his patience. I have to wonder if his betrayal is nigh. From his thoughts after revealing the Overlords to Takatora, it seems he realizes that the Professor’s allies might be becoming too untrustworthy to work with. I wonder how long the uneasy peace will remain before Yggdrasil erupts into civil war?


Speaking of Kouta, I’m glad we get to see him hit the ground running. After his daring attack on Yggdrasil, he wastes no time figuring out his next plan. I do find it strange that if Kouta is seen as a nuisance at this point, that the people that were willing to kill and entire town won’t simply send someone to assassinate him, rather electing to fight him with a rider he already beat. Even at that, I suppose seeing the autonomous rider ability was cool, but they should have known from his assault on the complex that you’d need more firepower than that. Kouta’s actions really speak to his commitment to his cause. Despite taking a heavy beating, he still wants to talk with the Overlords rather than fight them. He realizes that understanding their nature may be the key to changing the world order.

Random Observations

  • That gunblade is probably the coolest representation of such a weapon in known existence.
  • Man, Micchy is starting to talk like an emo kid, although I guess he has every right to.
  • Contrary to everything Men Without Hats has taught me, Kaito’s refusal to dance if he wants to has made him leave his friends behind.


Aqua’s Thoughts

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to use the words “transitional” and “Kamen Rider Gaim” in the same sentence, but this was very much an episode rather light on the shocking twists. Like them or not, the Overlord Invess are here to stay, but the role of Helheim as an all-consuming, mysterious force of nature remains mostly in tact, as proven by the barrier created by their strange language. DJ Sagara seems to be in cahoots with them, which begs the question whether he is one of them, or merely a human who has lived with them for long enough to learn their language. My money’s still on him being from a bad future, in grand Urobuchi tradition, but his magical powers seem to indicate otherwise. For a writer whose villains are often Lovecraftian monstrosities or cackling rapists, the infamous Butcher has certainly created a truly fascinating villain in Sagara — if he can even be called a villain at all.

Yet for all the questions raised by the good DJ, by far the most interesting character moments this episode reverted back to our main heroes. After the horrible butchering of his character in last week’s terrible crossover special, Kouta once again steals the show with his astonishing ingenuity, using his newfound super hearing powers to scan Helheim for the Overlords. Kaito and Mitchy get to show off just how much they’ve fallen off the deep end, the former even denouncing his former morality pet Mai. I love how Mai, despite not being a Rider, gets to bring her own perspectives and morals to the table, making her more than just a token cute face to summon whenever there’s no other dialogue partner around. I really hope that, as the show heads into its second half, we’ll get to see her become a bigger player in the giant web of shadows that is Kamen Rider Gaim.


Yet being the transitionary episode it is, this week’s Kamen Rider Gaim brought very little to the table in terms of Rider battle. Sid squaring off against Kouta isn’t exactly something we haven’t seen before, and the revelation that the former’s signature ‘S’ Lock Seed can animate other Lock Seeds isn’t really used well enough to be particularly exciting. On the other hand, Kouta’s face-off with one of the Overlord Invess more than made up for it. In all honesty, it’s going to be hard getting used to monstrous villains again, after the Invess have been demoted to punching bags for so long, but I trust Gaim will be more than able to make it work. If not, at least we’ll still have Jonouchi in a dress next week. And more Pierre. Oh my, I can’t just bring myself to be skeptical of this show.

4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 24

  1. Alright I know I probably should of asked this in your review of tge crossover but may I ask what exaxtly about kouta’s character, or in fact all the other characters from gaim did you find butchered (pun not intended) in that crossover? I honestly found all of them to act how they usually are given the situation.

    • I thought I talked about that enough in this post, but Kouta scheming with Right was incredibly out of character for him. Kouta would never do something like that to Mai against her will. He knows she wants to stay in Zawame City, despite the conflicts, and has always respected that. He has never claimed to know what is good for her better than she does, as opposed to Micchy. Micchy is self-righteous and obsessed with ‘protecting’ Mai; he’d perfectly be able to pull something like this off. Micchy is the kind of guy to lock Mai out of the loop ‘for her own good’, even though she doesn’t want it — Kouta isn’t. Take last episode for example, Kouta wanted to tell Mai about Yuuya’s death, because she deserves to know. It’s Micchy who manipulated him into keeping it from her, once again ‘for her own good’. Kouta has always respected Mai’s wishes to stay in Zawame City and kick the Invess and evil corporations out of ‘their’ town. It’s Mai’s wish to make the people of her city happy by dancing, and not even the Helheim invasion can stop her. Kouta respects that, which is why his behaviour in the crossover went against everything he stands for.

      As for Mai herself, she just got demoted to braindead damsel in distress who can’t stay out of danger without needing protection from A Man ™ in the crossover. While I don’t expect her to start kicking Invess ass when she’s not a Rider, in the show she is hardly /ever/ used for blatantly sexist writing clichés such as this one. In fact, she can wisely handle the situation on her own, which is what makes Micchy’s yandere-like ‘protecting’ her without even considering her so despicable. In brief, Kouta’s character was butchered because he did something he’d never do, Micchy’s character was butchered because he should have done what Kouta did, Mai’s character was butchered because the writer of the crossover is a sexist dumbnut, and Kaito didn’t even talk about strength or weakness even ONCE. Now that’s out of character.

      • While I do see where you are coming from, they don’t really seem to bother. While I get what you mean with Kouta, I feel that’s the only point they got wrong, otherwise the way he reacts to the situation was in character. With Mai her demotion to damsel in distress doesn’t bother me that much because thinking avout it what were they going to do with her. Mai to me has always been the one giving the second opinion, like a different perspective or ideology to contrast with the main characters, most notably kaito. Trying to put that into a crossover that probably should be focus on the orange fruit rider and the imagination train team would of been a bit of a mindscrew. Im the end while her role as damsel in distress was bit disappointing, I don’t think it ruins her character. On the subject of kaito, I think that’s kinda stretching for complaints as his personality doesn’t need to be characterize by his obsession and ideology of power, plus he didn’t appear for that long so does it really matter.

  2. If I may jump in, Byg4299 and Aqua, I feel that while Kouta wasn’t too out of character, the way he fired his weapon to stop Right from eating the Helheim fruit was out of character. That kind of action would usually point to someone being an authoritative figure. For me, that was most out of character.

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