All Your Monies: April 14th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve got two fine Nendoroids and a bunch of stuff which is…not so good.

Nendoroid Link (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
Good Smile Company, August, ¥3,250


Zigg: I’m not sure why we didn’t get a Master Sword in this package, but otherwise it’s pretty much perfect. I’ll take more expressions over more accessories any day of the week, and given he already fits the style, this is as close to a 100% accurate Toon Link action figure as you’re going to get.

Jel: I never did play Wind Waker so I don’t share the same emotional attachment to Toon Link that some of my colleagues may have, but this is one really cool Nendoroid. For one thing it’s interesting just to see a nendo that doesn’t have giant anime eyes, and Link’s design translates perfectly overall. The accessories are pretty awesome too, particularly the Heart Container that I have played enough Zelda in general to geek out over.


Lifesong: Timmy what? Timmy no… I’m sorry, but anything meaningful I may have had to say about this figure just went out the window.

Nendoroid Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero)
Good Smile Company, August, ¥3,890


Zigg: You can always tell when GSC go the extra mile for a character, and this is certainly one of those occasions. Not only is Gil’s beautiful golden-armoured look recreated spectacularly in miniature, he’s got a bunch of super unique and cool accessories. Gate of Babylon is the headline act of course, but I personally love that they included the mini wine set. It’s the little things.

Jel: This nendoroid is impressive if only because they actually pulled off an adorable version of Gil’s “Gate of Babylon” attack. The rest of the package is pretty slick as well, and I’m particularly a fan of the crossed arms and smug face options. The price tag is starting to creep up by nendo standards, but is that really too much to pay for the King of Heroes?

Timmy: Moe Gilgamesh is pretty damn snazzy in that gold armor and he has some pretty neat accessories as well. His smirking expression is pretty great and that armor would probably make him a nice match to any Saber nendoroids you happen to have.

Lifesong: Typically I don’t like nendroids that try to be something other than cute, but Gilamesh pulls off that smug look like no one else can.

Tsukushi Tsutsukakushi (The ‘Hentai’ Prince and the Stony Cat)
Phat Company, September, ¥6,530 


Zigg: While the anime was a true abomination, I always liked Henneko‘s art style, and this is a bright, nice looking rendition of someone who actually looks to be over the age of consent. There’s definitely some suspect sculpting (most notably on the jacket around the ribs) but there are some neat touches too, like the swappable shoes, and it’s at a price that won’t break the bank too hard.

Jel: YAWN. Aside from the poorly sculpted jacket – those chunky folds on her torso look awful – this just looks like another school girl to me. I guess the rest of her looks well made enough but I don’t see much to get excited about overall. I’m also assuming most Henneko fans would just want her younger sister anyway.

Timmy: Nothing too fancy but I think Phat did a pretty nice job on their Tsukushi here. Face looks great and I especially like all the detail put into her jacket with all its folds and creases. A bit surprising to see them start with Tsukushi instead of her younger sister, but I suppose its nice that she is getting some love. Price isn’t bad either so probably a pretty good buy if you are a fan of the character.

Lifesong: I like this figure, she looks like she should considering the original artwork. I suppose she is just another schoolgirl, but for fans of the character this is a nice treat I think. How else do you portray a character who is definined primarily by her school club, “love” for her sister and genuine stupidity. The skipped on that one, but the alternative hands for either track shoes or pictures of her sister is a nice touch. I do have a few complaints. Some of the fingers on her right hand are bent funny. The seams on her shoulders are also a bit obvious.

Kongo Half Damager ver. (Kantai Collection)
Max Factory, September, ¥11,970




Jel: Some Kantai Collection girls have interesting, clever designs but then some look like this. Unless I’m missing something here, this is essentially a half naked girl sitting in front of a broken battleship. I’m also not a fan of the “girl in distress” look going on in this particular instance. I’ll concede the quality is as amazing as we’ve come to expect from Max Factory, but as they go down the line of other KanColle girls I’m sure there will be better options.

Timmy: Max Factory seems to have a way of making me way more interested in semi nude figures then I need to be. Their Kuroyukihime was pretty stunning and now Kongo here looks to be really nice as well. I love the detail of both her burned clothes and the battered ship in the background and while I don’t usually dig distressed faces I actually think it looks pretty nice here. I can also appreciate that she is showing enough skin to tease is not outright nude. She is pretty neat if you can pony up heavy amount of dough, which is no doubt being influenced by that ship behind her. Buyer beware: Don’t even consider the Movic version. Max Factory’s will be way better and they actually seem to be the same height despite the scale difference.

Lifesong: Max Factory make amazing figures and this is no exception. I can’t say I care for the original design as it just looks like a shrine maiden strapped to a ship to my uneducated eyes. The craftsmanship here is stunning none the less.

BRAVE ACT Eren Jaeger (Attack On Titan)
Sentinel, September, ¥7,240 (Exclusive version ¥9,936 )


Zigg: It’s a sharp looking figure that’s a really nice portrayal of Eren, but I can’t overcome my basic belief that all Attack On Titan figures should be in action poses. The exclusive version is a cool alternative too, and it’s ncie to see an exclusive variant that actually gets you something substantial.. Not a barn burner, but unlikely to disappoint either.

Jel: I’m starting to think Kantai Collection and Attack On Titan are competing to see which franchise can appear in All Your Monies the most. That aside, this is probably as cool as you could possibly make the un-cool Eren look. His expression almost makes him look a bit older than he’s usually portrayed and are those abs peeking through his tight shirt? It’s a little hard to get excited about this after seeing the absolutely stunning Kotobukiya version a couple weeks back, but this isn’t too bad in its own right.

Timmy: Levi was pretty cool looking when he went up for order and he seemed to be pretty well received when he came out so I imagine Eren will be the same. Pretty cool looking and as usual the maneuver gear looks awesome. I would say a pretty good buy, though that exclusive version is a tad pricey.

Lifesong: Wow, I am already completely sick of these. I think it’s all the brown in Titan. I don’t even hate the designs, I just find them boring in figure form. Someone really needs to introduce them to color.

Beach Queen Super Sonico (SoniAni)
Wave, September, ¥5,310


Zigg: I didn’t even include this in the feature, so you can probably gather my thoughts on it.

Jel: Hey, how did this get in here, I thought Zigg was handling AYM this week??? I still think Sonico is gross 99% of the time and this is not helping at all.

Timmy: Its about time Sonico got the Beach Queen treatment. Her face is really, really cute and the pose, while being totally awkward, is a neat and fun idea that I really like. I wouldn’t mind seeing more figures with the character’s focus on something instead of staring presumably at blank space, and the only other one that does this off the top of my head is Max Factory’s Cerberus. Unfortunately Sonico’s seemingly inflated boobs do really look terrible here and her inflated price isn’t much better.

Lifesong: This will be my first and likely last Beach Queen purchase. The thing that made fall in love with Sonico is the way her personality is portrayed in both SoniComi and SoniAni. Her modeling work is just a job, a job she likes, but it isn’t what makes her character. It’s not without a bit of irony that I am willing to buy into figures so obviously catering to her modeling job. What I once considered a dumb mascot has won me over, what can I say? I love the expression in this particular figure. Sonico’s surprised face as she is being chased away by some crab is just so… Sonico. The dynamic pose is also an impressive step up from what I’ve come to expect from Beach Queens. The outfit makes it clear that she is working, but the ice cream makes me think she must be on break, or maybe her sponsors sell ice cream on the beach? This figure does a good job of capturing a portion of who Sonico is and I love it for that.

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