First Look: Marvel Disk Wars – The Avengers


Alternative titles: The Best Anime Ever, The Adventures of RoboCap and Hobo Strange
Toy commercial vaguely based on a movie based on a gazillion different comic books by Toei Animation
Simulcast Pending


Akira and his older brother are summoned to the United States by their dad, an employee of Tony Stark. He reveals that he and Stark have been working on DISKs, a new method of capturing and locking up super-villains. However, when Stark and the other Avengers present the DISKs to the public, Loki shows up and uses a set of DISKs to summon a bunch of super-villains to his aid.

Aqua’s verdict: Excelsior!

Marvel’s long-standing relationship with the Land of the Rising Sun, dating all the way back to the meme-tastic 1970s Spider-Man tokusatsu show, has been flakey at best, resulting in some of the absolute best (Brian K. Vaughn’s clearly manga-inspired Runaways) and absolute worst (Madhouse’s recent Marvel anime debacle) the House of Ideas has had on offer these last few years. Disk Wars is the latest attempt at a collaboration, blending Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the ancient Japanese art of series-length toy commercials into something that has to be seen to be believed. The animation sucks, the plot is non-existent, and the whole thing is so offensively nineties it hurts, but simply seeing Marvel heroes and villains both famous and lesser-known get a crazy anime makeover is a joy in itself. Avengers Disk Wars blends the absolute dumbest of both American and Japanese superhero tropes into one big, nonsensical and relentlessly entertaining hullabaloo of childlike glee that deserves to be watched. Shows like Gundam Build Fighters and Aikatsu! have made watching kids anime the most hipster thing since goat wool socks, so what are you even waiting for? If not for me, do it for anime Tony Stark. Dude looks like Vegeta.


Iro’s verdict: Marvelous

Okay, this isn’t that great, but I needed a Marvel related verdict. That said, it was a lot of silly fun to watch, since it seems like it’s directly ripped from late 90s children’s programming. This first episode feels almost exactly like Digimon but with Marvel superheroes instead, and as a person who grew up loving Digimon, that’s just fine with me. Marvel Disk Wars is stupid and shoddy, but it plays everything with a childish sense of glee that’s hard to fight. As long as I can watch this drunk and/or with friends, I’m all for more.


Zigg’s verdict: Pulp Fiction

No joke, I probably enjoyed this more than anything else I watched this season. That’s not to say it’s that good of course – the usual disclaimers about kids shows being essentially giant toy commercials apply even more heavily here. But there’s a delightful -get-up-and-go energy to the whole affair. It’s simple and paints in extremely broad strokes, but it nevertheless takes time to give us little tidbits about  each character. It’s also pretty funny, with on point visual gags and neat dialogue that stays on the right side of pandering over-explanation. Then there’s just the silly glee of being able to see the familiar tropes of the Marvel Universe re-imagined in anime form. Yes, it’s ‘just’ a kids action series, but we get so few good ones these days that I’m going to embrace this.

Marlin’s Verdict: Smashing

This is definitely the kind of show you go in watching in a group. Anyone who knows even a cursory knowledge of Marvel lore will have a field day making fun of all the ridiculous conceits that go into making this show a thing. Seeing all of these legends reimagined as anime characters is half the fun in and of itself. RoboCap is definitely the best of the bunch, with rule of cool making him more machine than man. I also got a good laugh at The Hulk’s styled hairdo. Like anyone could put product on The Hulk without ending up as a stain on the floor. The absence of Ant Man is as curious here as it will be in the actual Avengers movie series, but I suppose they could only think up of so many stereotypical tweens to fill the shows “real” cast. I can’t believe it, but as long as Iro’s with me I’ll probably watch this show every week.

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