Captain Earth Episode 4



The Planetary Gears attack HQ in search of Teppei

Zigg’s Thoughts

It’s all very well having a mystery to power your plot along. In fact, it’s often essential for maintaining interest in any sort of narrative thats going to run out to 26 episodes. But there’s a line between maintaining a mystery and just being wilfully obtuse, and Captain Earth has been creeping over that line for quite some time now. This episode saw them merrily dance over, with full sequences of dialogue that made absolutely no sense. The show has already been bad about laying the basic story foundations – who’s good, who’s bad, what’s the conflict etc. – so to ladle on heaping spoonfuls of allusions to events we have no idea about is pretty weird too. The entire thing is just confusing as hell, and while I’m all for being puzzled, I don’t like to be bamboozled.

In addition, there are several utterly inexplicable plot turns here. It’s too early to call them ‘holes’ yet but when they’re as obviously baffling as this, it’s definitely an issue. The biggest one is obvious – if the Planetary Gears can just show up on Earth at will, why are they attacking it from orbit with giant robots?  Why do they feel the need to sell crepes before their big attack? Why do the team think they look like children when the girl has breasts you could use as a battering ram?


What’s more, the encouraging signs towards characterisation promised early on have pretty much faded. Akari already seems like a horrible excuse for jailbaity fanservice and Daichi and Teppei’s relationship has already been reduced to a tired, pseudo boys love loop of sacrifice and turgid dialogue. Captain Earth has already squandered much of its early potential, and it’ll need to get back on track fast to avoid degenerating further.

Marlin’s Thoughts

I’m at my wits end with this show. It’s not enough that it starts out with a scene so stupid I was literally stunned into hovering over the close button for the entire rest of the episode. Who in their right mind wrote this and thought to themselves “Yes, this is perfect. Having this pubescent girl wave her stomach around is a great idea.” This show either needs to commit to being a total joke or stay serious. It can’t keep itself in both camps and expect people to just accept it.


Getting into the actual plot of this episode, it made such little sense that I was shaking my head with every new development. If the bad guys could have attacked the base directly, why didn’t they do that beforehand? Seems like they’ve been around long enough that they would have come up with this plan earlier. Considering the only thing that stops them is being scared of the Livlaster, this is a huge plot hole to just have us swallow like its nothing. Captain Earth gets one more episode to win me back, otherwise I am through.

3 thoughts on “Captain Earth Episode 4

  1. Meanwhile, I’m just glad I’m not the only one who has an issue with whats-her-names breast size. I’d like to think I’m not a prude, but really, Captain Earth? Really?

    • Personally I think everything about the Planetary Gears designs is just bad. Like I said, if they had established it as a wacky show early on like Star Driver did, I would be less annoyed with balloon boobs and ridiculous outfits.

  2. I guess the implication is that they are based on Earth, they teleport to the other side of the Moon and attack from there when they use their Kill-T Gang and they didn’t do that in this episode. Or in other words, they need to arrive AS Kill-T Gang to win, and Kill-T Gang can only be materialized in outer space. Or something…? I guess. I honestly am not trusting this show to explain much of this whirlwind of weird terminology and generally bizarre situations. But yeah, the show occasionally does these very weird things like the bellybutton one. It’s like watching a way wackier Evangelion. For me it was fun but I am bracing myself for the rolling of eyes that will likely come.

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