One Week Friends Episode 4

friends4a Recap

Yuki becomes jealous of Shogo’s deepening friendship with Kaori. Loosing his cool, he insults Kaori, leaving her distraught. Taking some time to think, she heads to a spot she wanted to go to together. Through an accident, she loses her diary, and Yuki does everything in his power to find it.

Yuki is such a dolt. It’s easy to shake your head at his juvenile behavior, but we do have to remember they are still kids. I think one of the great strengths of One Week Friends is that, outside being a bit too saccharine, these characters act like real teenagers. They’re very forward, but in an endearing way, and they act more by their emotions than their senses. Only in high school would the fact that you’re friends with someone be gossip, but that’s what makes the whole environment feel real.


You can tell with the way their banter works that Yuki sees himself somewhat inferior to Shogo. He’s always looking to him for advice or consolation. It’s only natural that he would get jealous when he thinks Shogo and his crush are getting along even better than he is. By the end, it’s nice to see he takes some time to think about things rationally instead of emotionally. It meant a lot to me to see Yuki say the diary is as much for him as it is her. He understands that being honest is the only way this friendship is going to work.

I still find it strange that Shogo still gets remembered by Kaori. I suppose this could be the same week as the end of last weeks episode, but the fact that she remembers him even after the reset seems incongruous to the way she acts towards him. I suppose Shogo could still be an acquaintance to her technically, so she doesn’t regard him as a friend? Either way it will be interesting to see how their relationship goes.


In fact, I wonder if there’s more to read into what Kaori was saying before Yuki got jealous. It felt to me that putting Yuki’s hand on her face was pretty forward thing to do for a friend. I kind of wonder if her talks with Shogo are more about pursuing a romantic relationship with Yuki. This may be wishful thinking, but as adorable as the friendship dynamic is I’d love to see how they tackle the idea of the two of them finally becoming more intimate. It would appear we aren’t getting there quite yet, but I have been intrigued about the green haired cast member that has been conspicuously absent outside the OP so far.

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