One Week Friends Episode 5


Kaori meets a stoner… I mean fellow forgetful girl. With a persistence that outdoes even Yuki, the two quickly become close friends.

As much as I wanted to love this episode, I can’t say I enjoyed it completely. Most of it has to do with our new introduction to the cast. I love Saki’s character. Her airhead charm is a tried and tested character trope. What I had a hard time dealing with was her voice acting. The long drawn out way she said everything just struck a nerve with me that followed through the rest of the episode. I imagine this is a problem that will correct itself with time as I get used to it, but it genuinely took me out of the viewing experience.


This was definitely the best direction the show could have gone.  The new girl adds another pound of sugar to this already saccharine affair with her mannerisms, not that I’m complaining. There are only so many things you can do with a friend of the opposite sex. Saki opens up a huge amount of things Kaori can now do, as evidenced by the shopping scene. I also love how her nonchalant personality makes it so Kaori simply can’t ignore people like she used to. Saki’s outgoing personality gets to directly interfere with the way Kaori deals with her amnesia problem, which should help her grow as people start to better understand her softer side.


Yuki gets pushed to the side a bit this episode, but it’s really for the best. His jealousy at Saki being able to be more intimate with Kaori is adorable. While the stalking gets to be a little much, it’s done in a very light-hearted way and serves to get Yuki’s emotions out for the audience to see. It does actually help him a bit too, in a weird way. By seeing how Kaori can act with another girl to relate to, he sees that it’s for the best that she get a friend like Saki to bring her out of her shell.

4 thoughts on “One Week Friends Episode 5

  1. I had the opposite reaction to Saki. Maybe it has to do with the general ambience of this show, but I was pleasantly overjoyed with her carefree attitude that perfectly complements Kaori’s mental difficulties which has caused her to withdraw into her shell.

    • Like I said, I love the character of Saki, something just wasn’t clicking with me on the voice. Everyone else who watches this show in the Crew said they liked her, so I do realize I must be in the minority on this.

  2. The voice acting didn’t annoy me, but I can see how it would get to other people. Personally I had no particular issues with that, although Saki’s slow and long-winded way of talking did remind me quite strongly of Azumanga’s Osaka.

    • It kinda reminded me of her as well, though granted it takes me a minute to forget the dub voice for the sub since I’ve seen both. Like I said, I probably just have to give it a few episodes to grow on me.

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