JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Episode 6 and 7



En route to Singapore by sea, our heroes are attacked by the Stands Dark Blue Moon and The Strength.

Iro’s thoughts

Welcome to Stardust Crusaders. These two episodes do a pretty good job of highlighting what the bulk of this arc is going to be: a new Stand-user appears, our heroes spend a while learning about the enemy Stand and trying to fight back, and then eventually Jotaro gets in some ORA ORA ORA and then we move on to the next bad guy. Occasionally our heroes will pull some new maneuver out of their ass (I’m pretty sure Star Finger never shows up again for JoJo‘s entire run), but for the most part it’s all just build-up until someone gets punched/stabbed/burned/Emerald-Splashed a bunch.

The main things to take away from these two episodes going forward are:

  1. Stands can take many forms, though humanoid Stands are the most common. Dark Blue Moon was a weird fish thing, and Strength was just a big tanker. The really weird, esoteric stuff (and coincidentally the Stands named after bands, like Bad Company) won’t show up until later, but Stardust Crusaders still has a few weird standouts.
  2. Stand-users don’t necessarily have to be human, as seen with episode 7’s creepy orangutan. Full disclosure: we’ll see a few more animal Stand-users out there, and I was making a big deal about that bird on Dio’s shoulder a while back…
  3. Jotaro is going to be doing most of the legwork on beating up the villains. Alas, Joseph’s glory days are over.

There isn’t too much to say other than that. I’m definitely looking forward to some of the fights later on, but I’d forgotten how tedious monster-of-the-week can feel sometimes. Stardust Crusaders is the most well-known part for a reason though, so I hope the rest of you won’t get too bored.


Gee’s thoughts

Two episodes at sea! Both involving ocean-themed Stands! And Jotaro fights one each week! Yes folks, this is Stardust Crusaders. As you might imagine, there’s not too much to say every week about a show with a structure like this. That’s not to say it still isn’t a ton of fun though. Dark Blue Moon is a fun looking Stand and while Jotaro taking it out was kind of an asspull, it was made all the better by the snappy dialogue and fun antics. Between Avdol trying to use Magician’s Red in a pressurized airplane, nearly commanding it to jump into open water, and then proceeding to say something cool on command, it’s hard to tell whether Avdol is the silliest or best character in the JoJo cast.

Of course, it’d be too easy if the JoJo crew managed to end their trouble merely by murdering the captain of a ship and then inadvertently causing said ship to explode. No, there’s crazy orangutans and ship-sized Stands to deal with too. The Strength’s part definitely harkens more to the classic bizarre pseudo-horror that JoJo can sometimes evoke, as the surviving crewmembers are mysteriously killed by an unknown Stand commanded by a creepy monkey (Biologist’s note – I continue to resent the fact that people keep calling an orangutan a monkey.). Again, it’s less interesting that Jotaro beats up the bad guy, but more how he does it and what he says. Jotaro is a veritable supply of one-liners and trash talk, and he brings it to bear in both episodes, to my endless delight.

Overall, the last two episodes represent the more “mundane” nature of Stardust Crusaders. Gone are the robot Nazis and half-naked Mayan vampires. Instead, we get something a little more straightforward, but still enjoyably bizarre.



2 thoughts on “JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Episode 6 and 7

  1. “…it’s hard to tell whether Avdol is the silliest or best character in the JoJo cast.”

    Easy, it’s both. Avdol seems to be the only one consistently caught off guard by how stupid everyone can be and still win, and his reactions are kind of adorable (Joseph’s, too).

    I do love that Jotaro made two other people say their catchphrases just so he wouldn’t be left hanging.

    While I’ll never say the same of, say, Kamen Rider (Gaim’s organic storytelling is a delight), but I’m really not minding the monster-of-the-week format, and I kind of appreciate that Jotaro seems to be understanding that oddly-dressed, overly-muscular men are probably his next fight.

    Star finger was a complete asspull, but it kind of looked like he did it a second time on The Strength (Forever) to lodge that pin into Forever’s brain, even if he didn’t yell the name.

    On that note… The whole of that episode was creepy. From porn-viewing-pedo-orangutans to, well, the naked little girl for an uncomfortable period of time (how old IS she, anyway?), it was just a kind of weird episode overall.

    As someone who has only gotten a little into Stardust Crusaders in manga form, I can say that I really hope Joseph kicks SOME ass sometime.

  2. he’s already and old man and never kept up with his ripple training, not to mention part 3 for the most part is meant to be about Jotaro, part 2 was where Joseph really shined, but I’m sure he will get some fights during this part. also fuuuuuuck dat hook was just as nasty as I remember, that scene and the one which shows the orangutan murder the whole group of sailors were pretty gruesome, so no surprise they were censored for tv. also I dont care what anyone says, dat lolibutt was fabulous, I dunno how old Anne is supposed to be but it’s not the first time I’ve seen that sort of thing in a shonen show. also Forever (the orangutan), get fucked.

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