All Your Monies: June 2nd 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s a new high watermark in the anime hair arms race.

Shiro (No Game No Life)
Kotobukiya, October, ¥11,000


Zigg: I feel kind of bad leading off with blatant loli-bait like this, but this is such a good figure I got over it. The beautiful (yet surprisingly subtle) rainbow hair, the dangling sock, the awesome chess themed base – there’s seriously a lot to love. Excellent posing, a great facial expression and the promise of Kotobukiya’s ever-improving quality make this one difficult to resist.

Jel: This is a lovely figure that does a good job capturing No Game No Life’s bizarre “All Rainbow All The Time” color scheme. I also appreciate they kept the creepiness to a minimum and didn’t go for full on sex appeal. Details like the crown and the chess pieces are really nice touches too. Seems a little pricey but that also seems to be the norm these days for figures of this quality, I’m sure fans of the series (I’m talking to you, Lifesong) will eat this up.

Timmy: Very pretty, and Kotobukiya have really captured the colorfulness of the anime in that hair really well (which I just caught up on after this figure caught my intrest). Face looks great too, and we certainly don’t see very many triangle mouths so that is something unique to add to the table. Clothes and pose are both interesting as well, and the overall chess theme is great. She is actually today’s Deal of the Day on Crunchyroll for 80 bucks with free shipping with a coupon code, which is way too good of a deal to pass on.

Lifesong: Ordered, I wouldn’t want to disappoint after all. I am completely in love with this figure. I think I would like it even if I wasn’t a massive No Game No Life fan, but I am so I won’t even pretend otherwise. The vibrant colors bring Shiro’s hair to life. The chessboard base is a perfect fit both for the series and Shiro herself. Shiro’s half asleep expression fits the character and manages to be cute instead of creepy which is a fine line to walk with younger characters. Kotobukiya just might be my favorite figure company at this point. I don’t even mind the price hike. Keep up the good work!

Chris: A masterful display of chess playing, second only to Code Geass. Props to Kotobukiya because this figure is absolutely stunning, even if her loose sock looks like a piece of chewed gum.

figma Saber 2.0 (Fate/Stay Night)
Max Factory, September, ¥4,444


Zigg: It’s a fine looking figma, and I’m always impressed by recreations of Saber’s armour at any scale. But this also doesn’t look to be a radical upgrade over the existing Saber figma, and it’s a pretty dull creative decision to just go back to the well again.

Jel: As someone who owns the original Saber figma I can’t see any reason to get this one. However, if you don’t have one already I will say it’s probably my favorite figma and it’s a worthy addition to your collection. Saber’s armor lends itself perfectly to hiding joints and the level of detail on her swords and armor is fantastic. The new features are really just icing on the cake so I’d say if you wanted the first one and missed it, this is a must buy.

Timmy: Part of me shakes my head at another 2.0 Figma release but the other part of me doesn’t have a Saber figma and think she looks pretty sweet. The outfit, faces, and  that wind blown hair all look really well done so I am definitely tempted.

Lifesong: More Saber, yay? This is a nice looking figma to be sure. The details on her scabbard are impressive. I am also tired of seeing Saber merchandise. Don’t we have enough already?

Chris: This sure looks like a Saber figma. You’ll know already if you want this or not.

figma Haruka Nanase (Free!)
Max Factory, October, ¥4,500


Zigg: Nice try. Max Factory have done everything they possibly could to not make this look weird and the fact that they actually came close at all is testament to that effort. But man, it still looks totally unnatural, especially from the back. The wave-part effects meanwhile are the kind of thing which I’m sure looked great in the workshop but have close to zero application in real-world display.

Jel: Figmas of hot characters may actually be worse than nendoroids, and that’s saying a lot. While they are less creepy, I’m not sure it’s possible to be less attractive than poor Haruka here. The starting block is a cool accessory but I can’t help but laugh at the water. Nice try folks, but that should have been scrapped in planning. Unless you have a thing for manequins in speedos or can’t afford Alter’s fantastic line, this looks like a pass.

Timmy: Mostly nude figmas just don’t work for me as I can’t get past seeing all those hideous joints. On the bright side though he is going to be really pose able with no clothing getting in the way.

Lifesong: Figmas just don’t look so hot naked I think. This has not been a good week for naked figures. Tony Taka’s new naked leaf girl doesn’t look so great either. For very different reasons than this figure. On the plus side this figma might make for some amusing photos thanks to his accessories. I am curious to see who else will go swimming simply because this figma exists.

Chris: I’ve got to parrot what’s already been said, because figma ball joints and bare skin just don’t look good. You can do a lot better if you want a Free! figure, so unless you collect figmas or want to put this guy in hot situations with your Revoltech Woody, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair)
Phat Company, December, ¥12,000

FIGURE-006176_01 (1)

Zigg: This is a rare example of a figure with multiple elements coming together beautifully. Chiaki herself looks fantastic, the floating TV and console are cool and sharrply detailed and the gigantic Monobear base almost steals the show. It’s interesting to look at, well crafted and something a bit different. Top marks.

Jel: Man, I need to get around to playing Danganronpa someday. It’s produced some amazing figures and this might be near the top of the list. Chiaki herself is well sculpted but the flying TV/game console and terrifyingly awesome Monobear base take it to the next level. I’ll admit the plastic arms are a little distracting, but still a great figure overall.

Timmy: Phat is on a roll with these Danganronpa figures and because of Chiaki here I am seriously considering grabbing them. Chiaki herself looks great, with the hair, face, and outfit appearing very well sculpted and painted. Everything else looks awesome here as well, and while the plastic stands are slightly distracting, the floating effect they provide is well worth it. That base is pretty crazy too, and tops off a great looking piece.

Lifesong: I have yet to dig into Danganronpa, but I have to say I’m impressed by this figure on technical merit alone. A cute pink haired girl, creepy mascots and video game accessories all suspended in air? I should probably be creeped out by the evil mascot face looking up her skirt, but I’m amused instead. This whole thing is on the right side of ridiculous in my book.

Chris: Dangonronpa is great, and more than enough reason to buy a PS Vita, but it’s kind of hard to know right now if I’d want this figure without knowing anything about the character. Still, I’m really digging this, especially the questionable Monokuma base, so perhaps I’ll pick it up when I know more later in the year, when Goodbye Despair is out in English.

ARTFX J Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)
Kotobukiya, October, ¥12,000


Zigg: Attack On Titan is this feature’s new Nanoha in terms of ubiquity, but when something special comes along it still really stands out. Just like Eren before her, Mikasa has it all – fantastic, dynamic pose, wonderful detailing, cool base and an overall presence which can’t be denied. The over the shoulder look is both action packed but a little alternative too, which just makes her stand out even further.

Jel: I want to complain about flood of Titan figures but this is just so beautiful. I can’t quite put as much praise on it as the ArtFX Eren we had awhile back as there are plenty of great Mikasa options out there, but still, look at it! The base is a great looking way to capture her flying in the air without having to use distracting plastic stands (see my previous paragraph) and having great looking maneuver gear is kind of a given for any good Titan figure. Pair this up with that Eren and you could have a really nice centerpiece for your collection.

Timmy: All the nice things said about Eren A couple months ago definitely apply here as well except now its a character people care about. Pose is great, sculpt is great, Maneuver gear always looks great, base looks fantastic, and Mikasa’s face and hair look really nice as well. Among the best Mikasa figure we have seen and no doubt a strong purchasing consideration, even if you are only lukewarm to the series.

Lifesong: I’m still bored of Attack on Titan figures, but I think this might favorite, if I had a favorite anyway. It’s the fluidity of movement that has me sold on this one. The way her body is moving makes sense to me and that counts for a lot with Attack on Titan.

Chris: A gorgeous figure, no doubt about it. I don’t think even the hefty price will put fans off buying this, but personally, I think I’d have snapped this up immediately had it been released months ago. I’m starting to feel that Attack on Titan fatigue, which is a shame considering the quality sculpts we’ve seen as a result.

Gon Freecs Super Saiyan Super Saiyan SUPER SAIYAN ver. (Hunter X Hunter)
Bandai, September, ¥4,300


Zigg: This looks like it would make a really, really good weapon. Also isn’t Gon meant to be like 8 or something?

Jel: Welp, now we know what happens when one of those old troll dolls find their way into a Shonen Jump manga.

Timmy: I don’t know who this dude is but clearly he is over compensating for something.

Lifesong: This hair is something else. I want to see someone cosplay this beast.

Chris: The urge to explain this figure is overwhelming, but I’m not going to do so. Go and watch/read/inject Hunter x Hunter, right now. As for the figure itself, it’s exactly what you’d want assuming you were in the market for buff Gon, unless they go and make an awesome diorama of the fight or something. Shame about the base, though.

4 thoughts on “All Your Monies: June 2nd 2014

  1. everything here besides that free and saber figma looks pretty hot. Shiro from NGNL and Nanami from SDR2 look great. that Mikasa, look at eeeeet! great posing on that figure… also epic Gon-san is epic hahaa. great stuff all around in here.

  2. Without commenting on the quality of the figures themselves, I have to say I am never a fan of joints or separate support mechanisms. They just don’t look good in my opinion.
    The Shiro, Chiaki and Mikasa figures look very cool though, and I haven’t even watched/played No Game No Life or Super Danganronpa 2. I might even forgive those support pillars. Good selection this week!

    • I can’t tell for sure without seeing the figure for myself, but I’ve seen that type of thing on other figures before. It’s probably flexible enough that it won’t break easily.

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