Hunter x Hunter Episode 133



Welfin squares off against Youpi after some choice words from Ikalgo, while Palm claims that they have won the fight against the chimera ants.

Euri’s thoughts

I think if you were with me when I watched this episode, you may have overheard the dull whirring of the cogs in my head as everything started to make sense. I’ve been wondering just how this arc is going to end, as I don’t believe Gon is going to be in any state to use his new form again, even if he were motivated to do so. Palm’s confidence that it was just a matter of time before they won seems like a bit of a giveaway, as it looks like the royal guard and the king himself, the only survivors who were in close proximity to the earlier bomb detonation, are suffering from some kind of illness. This could be radiation poisoning, or perhaps even some kind of specific virus to kill chimera ants exclusively, but it seems like whatever it is, Pouf, Youpi and the King are soon to succumb to it.

Well, two of them at least, as it looks like Welfin took care of a weakened Youpi already. It’s a bit hard to confirm, but it certainly looks like it was those awful head millipedes that did him in, rather than convenient timing from the illness, which we see affecting Youpi by way of a nosebleed when he notices that Welfin is hostile. It’ll be interesting to see what he does now, as killing Youpi was a pretty good way of not passing on the message he was meant to deliver to him. By the looks of the episode preview, he will confront the King with the message and thus cause him to recall Komugi. RIP Pouf, I guess.


With that, I think we’ve pretty much wrapped this arc up. At the very least, I’d be surprised if we get more than two or three episodes more before moving on to the next and final complete arc before the anime ends, as I’m going to hedge my bets with the King ceasing hostile action against the humans. Well, this is my best guess anyway, as if the King is truly going to die because of some health issue, I think there’s still a touching moment or two to be had with Komugi. After all, he not only has his friendship with her and the fight with Netero influencing the way he acts, but he will also have to deal with the betrayal of his royal guard, and the fact that some chimera ants defecting to side with the humans. That’s a lot to think about for a terrifying life form like Meruem.

I guess this will get resolved in one of two ways, if anime has taught me anything. It’s either going to be settled with a popular trading card game, or we’re about to enter the world tournament arc.


Random observations

  • The above image is all sorts of End of Evangelion and because I’m too immature I couldn’t help but laugh.
  • If Palm knows something about the deteriorating health of the chimera ants, she should maybe have told Knuckle and Meleoron so that they could have a better chance of escaping.
  • On the assumption that the royal guard and Meruem are dying because of a virus and not because of radiation poisoning, are the allied chimera ants going to die?
  • If this ends in a similar fashion to War of the Worlds and the chimera ants are dying of human-only diseases, that would be rather fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 133

  1. I love dangerous and sexy Palm. RIP Youpi, gonna miss you. Pretty creative and anti-climactic way of taking down the king. The king and the two royal guards were present at ground zero, so it makes sense they’d die slowly from the poison after surviving that big ass fucking nuke.

  2. Ya I doubt it’s a chimera ant specific virus. Radiation poisoning. It is anti climactic but it serves well for the end of the arc I think. Poor chibi Youpi, nothing but a splattered insect on the floor.
    I think Pouf is going to go mental knowing he is dying and has little time left. Something crazy, a last dash a Koumugi.

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