Hunter x Hunter Episode 134



Pouf realises that a serious illness is threatening the chimera ants, while Welfin saves numerous lives by speaking a single word.

Euri’s thoughts

What a stunning conclusion to the chimera ant arc. Okay fine, we’re not quite finished just yet, but after the credits roll in this episode, I think we’ve seen all the conflict we’re going to see. It’s absolutely stunning that what could be the strongest organism on the planet can go from homicidal maniac to chimera ant peace ambassador at the mere mention of a name. If you were wondering what kind of an influence Komugi had over him, wonder no more.

But perhaps the most important part of the conclusion is just how feasible this transition is, which is also kind of strange when it wasn’t too long that the King told Netero that he could survive and live in what might as well have been a human enclosure. It’s Komugi in conjunction with his contact with humans and their way of life that has slowly changed him. He has unknowingly become human. There also might be something going on with Gyro, and while I’d be somewhat inclined to guess that he became Meruem, there’s no real proof of that. Welfin’s transition to a human in a wolf’s body is similar, which is pretty much the only reason behind my guess.


But really, wasn’t that Pouf breakdown absolutely fantastic? That maniac was ever so close to dooming the Earth by way of keeping the King a slaughterhouse on legs, so seeing Komugi’s name instantly dissolving his hostility towards all living beings was just that much more satisfying. Of course, Pouf was only acting with the King’s interests in mind, and did so to the very end. He didn’t have plans to manipulate the King for his own desires, but rather he wanted to pull him back onto what he considers to be the correct path. As horrid as he was towards humans, you kind of have to admire his complete and utter service to the King.

We also get a confirmation that the chimera ants have been infected with a poison, which comes from Netero’s bomb. It’s going to kill at least Meruem and Pouf, but the interesting part of this revelation is that people that are infected with the poison will begin to emit it themselves while they day. In that case, what of Knuckle and Meleoron, who were in proximity to the King? What of Pouf’s clones, who have been into contact with…pretty much everyone? If the King wants a final game of gungi, will he also be killing Komugi?


Random observations

  • I’m sure there are far better comparisons, but the montage of atrocities at he beginning of the episode only reminded me of Blanka’s backstory in that awful hilarious Street Fighter movie.
  • The internal monologues from Welfin and Pouf about how dangerous the other is, were fantastic.
  • “I hope you can live as a human” is definitely the take-away line from this whole arc. Hearing it from the King would have blown my mind 20-30 episodes ago.

3 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 134

  1. This is a necessary victory for humanity, but it is a very ugly one such that it blackens your very soul.

    That was some great imagery shown during the beginning of the episode. I believe one of the images is taken from the Vietnam war…no words need be spoken, just really powerful stuff.

    I like how Togashi manages to squeeze empathy out of the viewer/audience towards the ants and Meruem, who’s literally the most unstoppable force in HXH history. The moral ambiguity about the King is just pure and utter genius.

    As far as visuals go, my favorite part is where we see Meruem and Komugi playing Gungi in this vast flower field. the way it’s executed just makes it more heavy on the feelings! Speaking of which…

    Next week confirmed to be Feels x Feels.

    • Regarding Komugi and King in the field playing Gungi: I got the impression that that was a shared emotion with Pouf, being they are connected now. The powerful feelings stirred in the king by the mention of a single name and the beauty of that relationship depicted by the meadow. Pouf certainly felt that warmth as well.

  2. Man this is some heavy stuff. We’ve hashed out all the adjectives and superlatives for the show but isn’t it amazing how each episode resounds?
    In a sense this HxH arc and the entire show as a whole is similar to Mushishi in the sense that execution, story and plot are consistent and meaningful throughout the shows.

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