Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode 9



Chiyo and Nozaki get stuck at school after forgetting their umbrellas during a big rainstorm. Naturally, this inspires Nozaki to write a manga scene about it. The two meet up with Miyako and try to help her stand up to Maeno’s terrible editing demands.

Jel’s Thoughts

I’ve been raving about how great the side characters are in Nozaki-kun but I totally forgot about Miyako and Maeno. While the rest of the cast is sweet and multi-faceted, these two are the type of one dimensional cartoons that I could have lived without seeing again for the rest of the series. Miyako’s plight is so recycled that she literally re-introduces herself at the start of her arc, followed by the exact same problem we established the last time we saw her. The tanuki joke and Maeno’s incompetence were mildly amusing the first time around but felt tiresome in this episode.


Fortunately the worst episode of Nozaki-kun is still pretty solid as there were some adorable moments with Chiyo and Nozaki themselves. The umbrella bit in the beginning was almost cruel as it continually curb stomped poor Chiyo’s hopes and dreams, but it was still strangely sweet as the two of them continue to get more comfortable with each other. Debunking the overly romanticized “sharing the umbrella” trope is right in line with the theme of the show, and having the two draw closer in a more natural way is so much more satisfying.

Even Miyako’s bit ended on a high note in the post-ED scene. Chiyo getting a little too real with her corn soup story was one of the most endearing moments for her character yet, undermining the outdated notion that girls just want to talk about boys and clothes which still pops up from time to time. It left me with a good feeling that Nozaki-kun is nowhere near getting off track despite a slight hiccup in a streak of great episodes. It helps too that the preview for next week looks amazing as the entire cast is due to return, so I’m really looking forward to that.

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