First Look: The Fruit of Grisaia


Alternative Titles: Le Fruit de la Grisaia, Grisaia no Kajitsu
Visual Novel Adaptation by 8-bit
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Hoping to live a “normal” school life, Yuuji Kazami transfers to a school with only 5 other students, all of them female. They are all weird and probably have some kind of dark secrets. Other than that, I have no idea what is going on.

Jel’s verdict: Overripe

This episode was a mess of ideas, most of which were lame visual novel tropes and shameless pandering to the audience. The tone wildly swings around from silly to serious, using exaggerated cartoonish animation one scene before taking a more dramatic turn the next. I suppose there’s something to be said about equal opportunity fan service as the main character walks around naked for several minutes before launching into a cavalcade of panty shots from the female cast, but that is not much of a positive feature when it’s so in your face.

grisaia_3The presentation would be forgivable if the characters or story had some appeal but there’s just not much to work with here. I am going to punch my screen the next time I see an emotionless male protagonist who just wants to lead a “normal” life. Throw in a maid, a self aware tsundere, a random loli, and a naked girl and they pretty much have the bases covered. All of them are annoyingly predictable, except for the “big sister” who had the dumbest excuse to get naked of all time. Rather than draw me in, I wanted to shut off my computer and go read a book or something.

The only hope lies in the plot itself as clearly there is some kind of sinister purpose for the school. They certainly went in hard with the “Forbidden Fruit” visual. The sight of guns and bombs toward the end couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the recent school girl Battle Royale Riddle Story of Devil The Devil’s Riddle, but that is not good company to keep. I wish I could say I saw some potential, but there is very little information provided in this episode and very little incentive to continue watching. Maybe there is a story to tell here, but if this is an indication of how the rest of the adaptation is going to go then I want no part of it.

grisaia_2Marlin’s verdict: For the love of God, and all that is holy, do not watch this.

This show was terrible in almost every conceivable fashion. Gratuitous, lifeless, unentertaining, there’s a lot not to like about Grisaia. When the inappropriateness of your panty shots makes Hyakka Ryouran seem measured in comparison, you’re doing something wrong. Terribly wrong. Besides even that, all the characters are the worst types of two dimensional fetish bait. Nothing about this show is either endearing or interesting. Even the end, which shows previously harmless characters wielding knives and building pipe bombs, fails to elicit any kind of reaction because the show had spent all time prior to that wasting any shred of good will it could possible have had to begin with.

11 thoughts on “First Look: The Fruit of Grisaia

    • That line was amusing and I guess I appreciate that he’s not scared of women, but that’s only because he’s cold and emotionless and I’m totally sick of that type of protagonist.

  1. I think it should be pointed out that this fanservice is something they added for the anime and was not in the original Visual Novel. Also, I disagree with the claim that the characters are just fetish bait. Each one is a deconstruction of a common character type showing why someone might act that way.

    • We can only judge the anime by its own merits, so if the VN didn’t have trashy fan service then that means they’re doing an even worse job of adapting it than it appears.

      • actullly beside the fanservice scences they added they did good job at adapting this first episode it went exactly acording to the VN and i would not call him cold and emotionaless why do you think he like this?.this his way to talk to outhers

        • His voice is monotone and sounds disinterested, his facial expression never changes, he doesn’t react at all to the girls despite them acting pretty weird, he thinks overly logical like how he’s willing to eat military rations and doesn’t care about food… I’m assuming in the VN he has more inner monologue or something but again I am judging the anime so I don’t care what happens in the VN.

          • i dont remember many MC males acting like that in fact it very rare in romance or harem animes like this so why you say you sick of this type if we almost never see such type of MC

            • He just said in general, he’s not saying that MC type in just those genres. Inaho from Aldnoah Zero and the marty sue MC i forget the name of from Mahouka are what immediately come to mind.

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