First Look: Log Horizon 2


Alternative titles: DATABASE DATABASE, The Good MMO Anime
Light Novel Adaptation by DEEEEEEEEEEEEN, formerly by Satelight
Streaming on Crunchyroll


A new expansion pack for the popular MMO Elder Tale transports thousands of players into a world where the game’s rules are physical laws. Trapped with no clear way home, they must band together and form a cohesive society, dealing with the many issues that arise from such a goal.

Iro’s verdict: Back in the Database

Watching this was like meeting an old friend. One of Log Horizon‘s biggest strengths was its ability to make the audience ask questions, and this episode did just that, delving even deeper than the first season into the economics of an MMO and the subsequent effects on Adventurer society. Switching to Studio DEEN has caused a clear drop in animation quality, but the writing still seems up to par and I can’t help but be excited about seeing what’s next. Also, I’m so glad they kept DATABASE DATABASE because that OP gets me pumped for the show like almost no other.


Marlin’s verdict: Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

Log Horizon was well received around here for two main reasons. One, it had one of the most baller opening songs of all time, and in the wake of Monogatari’s waning dominion of the genre it became my favorite show about people sitting around talking. It’s good to hear Man With a Mission again, and even better to see that Log Horizon‘s plot hasn’t slowed down since its end last spring. I have to admit I didn’t even think about the idea of banking problems in a world without lending. I love that Log Horizon always is able to put new twists to the “everyday problems accentuated by an MMORPG setting” theme. While the animation has obviously taken a noticeable hit, this show was never anything great to look at anyway, so as long as the writing remains up to snuff I’ll be completely satisfied.

Gee’s verdict: Up and Running

At this rate, “Database” is on its way to being best OP of both 2013 and 2014.

Log Horizon was easily one of the biggest highlights of 2013, and the premier of its second season is no different. Log Horizon was always good about getting the viewers right into the thick of things, even if said thick of things is largely talking heads and people adjusting their glasses. Upon watching, I was met with a familiar sense of whimsy and wit. Shiroe is still wily, Naotsugu is still a bro, Nyanta is still the best catman a guy could ask for, Akatsuki is still the worst girl compared to Minori, etc. Even if it’s being handled by a different studio, it seems the only thing Log Horizon has suffered as a result is its visual fidelity. And even then, considering it’s basically 20 minutes of talking, it doesn’t show for the most part.  As far as I’m concerned, Log Horizon is back, and I can’t wait to see where things go from here.


One thought on “First Look: Log Horizon 2

  1. timeskip was weird, but holy crap all of dem teases plus Kanami!

    her sidestory animated = this show will instantly become the best. dual wielding meido and dat anthropomorphic ninja turtle, HYPE!

    Kanami please, think about the children!

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