Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 2



Miyaga hasn’t given up on his attempt to take over the Gunpla Battle club. With the student council on his side, it’s up to Fumina and Sekai to beat them in an official match to prove their legitimacy. Meanwhile we see what exactly caused Yuuma to give up gunpla battle.

Gee’s Thoughts

Gundam Build Fighters Try keeps up the momentum as Miyaga, our requisite early game villain attempts to absorb the battle club through unsavory means. It’s actually kind of funny now that I think about it. The first season was actually pretty devoid of outright untrustworthy or evil villains. Short of some shenanigans in the end, most of the players at least made an effort to follow the letter of the law, if not the spirit. Still, watching team try fighters come together and come out on top was satisfying. I do hope Fumina stops ending up as the damsel in distress though. While I know the GM Powered Cardigan gets replaced by the much lamer Winning Gundam, I love the girl’s enthusiasm. It would be a shame if she ended up as the dead weight of the team. I know Gundam as a franchise has never been too kind to women in its various incarnations, but I’m hoping Try makes some attempt to change that.


As some predicted, Yuuma’s reason for giving up on gunpla battle was a traumatic defeat as a child. Honestly, everything about Yuuma has not endeared himself to me very much. I mean I get it, losing can be a painful experience, even moreso when you’re putting so much time and effort into something like gunpla. But come on man, you’re like 14. Sei spent the first 12 years of his life being terrible at gunpla battle. Between that and his long-range sniper fighting style, I have a feeling Yuuma is going to be the weakest link for me in this show.

Overall though, it was a satisfying episode, filled with awesome robot fights. Watching the Build Burning perform an Inazuma Kick was probably the highlight, but it was a fun to watch all around. While the original Gundam Build Fighters wasn’t bad, I’m very pleased Try is off to an even stronger start than its predecessor.


Iro’s Thoughts

Inazuma Kick! I am sold. I mean, I was sold by midway through season 1, but it’s still great fun to see giant robots solving things with their fists, and even moreso when the punch-ee is as lame as Yuuma. It seems that team Try Fighters is going to end up with a close, mid, and long range Gundam considering Yuuma’s sniper model, and really it just makes the most sense for a three-man team. Considering the past two episodes though, I’m hoping the show doesn’t devolve into Sekai always saving the day by pulling out some heretofore unseen Jigen-Haoh technique, especially since he’s just using some gunpla he found on a shelf. One of the things I liked most about season 1 was the drive to build and improve your very own gunpla, and coasting on the power of the Build Burning Gundam runs somewhat counter to that concept.

6 thoughts on “Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 2

  1. lol the only way to convey your feelings is through your fists. liked the OP not better than S1, but it good

    also Hydra Gundam (o hell yes) and dem Mirai pheromones.

    episode 3 hurry up and get here NAO!

    • Huh, I never noticed it was the Hydra Gundam with Altron-arms. The Altron appendages and apparently scythe made me think it was a modified Deathscythe.

  2. It took Reiji more than half the first season to be anything more than “The Fighter”, and with two expert Gunpla builders on board, I don’t think we’re going to see Seiki do any building or repairing for a good while.

    Yuuma definitely seems to be the weak link, and while I hate to see the girl of the team (who is easily the most motivated of them all!) put in an SD Gundam, someone pointed out to me that it’s very possible it’s not just going to be another “Bearguy moment” (Although, for the record, I love Bearguy – it combines my love of bears AND Acguys!) – It’s conjcture, but a motivated builder/fighter like Fumina isn’t going to jump into an SD Gundam without a reason, and the Winning Gundam is likely to be full of tricks and gimmicks – including docking with the Build Burning for a combo attack. Oh, and apparently the actual Gunpla Yuuma is using has a ton of customization options, so we might be able to count on him not always being “The Sniper”.

    I hope it’s not going to be all about Seiki, and that everyone gets their time in the spotlight.

      • By “Bearguy” moment, I meant, “The girl gets the cutesy Gundam because she’s a girl”. Drillhair Yajima’s SD Knight Gundam might have been a better example, though she didn’t build her Gunpla.

        Honestly, the only female in GBF I can think of who liked battling “and” built her own Gunpla was Aila, but the Miss Sazabi wasn’t used for competition, so I’m not sure that counts.

        Gah; either way, the point is, there is likely to be a pretty good reason Fumina is going to choose the Winning Gundam. Or I hope so, anyway. The Cardigan is much cooler.

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