Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 25 and Final Thoughts

Weeks after the U-19 Championship match, our heroes attend the Meijin Cup Contest. For the first time in perhaps Try’s entire run, it finally remembers what made Gundam Build Fighters so good in the first place. Gunpla addicts Gee and Iro share their thoughts about the sequel to the hottest toy commercial of 2014, and why exactly it failed to live up to those expectations.

The Wrap-Up: Winter 2015

If you go about doing a season preview, it is only obvious you also close off on a season review. In The Wrap-Up, all of our contributors get to shine a spotlight on the show they thought to be the very best of the past few weeks, as well as reflect back on the preview to…

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 19

Sekai’s former classmate of the Jigen Haoh school, Junya, reveals himself to be Team Try Fighter’s next opponent. After years of training in a variety of other martial arts, he’s returned to destroy Sekai…in gunpla battle.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 18

Team SD-R’s stupid looking dragon thing proves to be a formidable opponent. When even Sekai’s ridiculous martial arts antics aren’t enough to win the day, it may be time for Fumina to showcase the Star Winning’s secret weapon…

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 17

This week, Team Try Fighters faces Team SD-R, the creepy triplets known for their shrewd tactics and ruthless traps. Presented with an obvious trap that could be easily mitigated by the demonstrated abilities of our heroes, they decide to do the dumbest possible thing anyway.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 14

With Sekai’s evolution as a gunpla fighter proving to be too great of a strain for the Build Burning, Team Try Fighters resolves to improve and upgrade all their gunpla in preparation for their arrival to the national scene. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse at some of the opponents that will stand in their way.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 10

After the big fight, Team Try Fighters take a much needed break. When Sekai’s sister ends up in a fashion model themed gunpla tournament, Yuuma helps her build her own gunpla. But when a handsome jerk with an awesome Turn A shows up though, will her new gunpla hold up?