Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 4



Shinichi and Migi square off against Mr. A in a fight for survival. With Reiko Tamura successfully getting pregnant despite being a horrifying flesh-eating monster, Shinichi is forced to confront his own changing humanity. And in the end, what it all says about human nature.

Gee’s Thoughts

Man, despite how good Parasyte looks, I was almost a bit disappointed that the big fight ended up being so short. I guess my memory of the manga isn’t as good as I thought it was, but I could have sworn they at least did a bit more than stand there and hilariously ungulate at each other. Still, like a lot of things in Parasyte, it was tense and so fast it was over before you could register it. That said, seeing Tamura finish the job kinda helps reinforce that even if all the Parasites are monsters, not all Parasites are made equal. Tamura is not only dangerous and competent, but intelligent enough to know when to cut her losses.


The pervading theme of this episode seems to be the nature of humanity. With Tamura pregnant, she’s basically proved that even despite her actual state, biologically she’s human. That’s not much of a comfort though, and I seriously doubt motherhood is going to make her stop devouring the flesh of innocent human beings. And of course Shinichi still believes himself to be human despite the fact that his right arm can literally detach from himself. With both Shinichi and the original Tamura’s mother being able to tell something is up, it kind of adds to the idea that appearance can only go far.

Overall, a pretty calm episode though. And I suppose that says a lot about Parasyte that the episode in question still has a school fight, someone murdering their mother, and someone else detaching their own hand. With Tamura stalking Shinichi now though, it appears that won’t be the case next week.

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