Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 5



After our heroes have been training and building, it’s time to take their gunpla to the championship qualifiers! For the first time, Sekai gets a chance to show his stuff in front of the larger gunpla community. Just how will these pros react to Sekai’s unorthodox methods?

Gee’s Thoughts

Overall, this episode is almost kind of another breather episode, as the three members of Team Try Fighters prepare for the qualifiers. Sekai is training in a pool underwater…to better understand his gunpla? Also to train for fighting in space, which kinda works I guess. Resident angsty kid Yuuma finishes the final touches on his Lightning Gundam, which somehow manages to even give Ral a run for his money. I already don’t like the kid that much, but to now imply he’s so much of a gunpla battling master that he can beat the Blue Giant himself? Yeah I have a feeling that’s going to get annoying. And alas, Fumina finally casts aside her Powered GM Cardigan for the SD Winning Gundam. It’s kind of a shame that the female character should have to be relegated to support, but I guess considering how overly specialized both Sekai and Yuuma are, somebody has to be the support lynchpin. Stil kinda reeks of the implication that Fumina has to help the other guys because she’s not good enough on her own.


As a side note, it was great to see Obari’s work this episode. It’s kind of a shame that this episode is basically filler though. Fighting no-name teams means that inevitably the heroes were going to dominate without a doubt. Still, between seeing Hyakushiki, Sandrock, Spiegel, Byarlant Custom, and even a Hardygun, there are some great cameos this week. I just hope they bring back Obari for a more narratively relevant episode.

With next week’s being up against the all Ez-8 team, Team SRSC, I can’t help but be super excited. The Ez-8 is one of my favorite Gundams in the entire franchise, to the point where I’ve already preordered the Ez-SR gunpla kit. Up to this point, Team Try Fighters hasn’t really been coordinated as a team, more or less just running around with their ridiculously overpowered gunpla. Hopefully the teamwork and military tactics that probably comes from a team of Ez-8s will force our heroes to start working together.


Iro’s Thoughts

It’s finally time for the qualifiers, which means it’s time for Team Try Fighters to step up their game. I’m not necessarily a fan of how the show goes about doing this, though. To my chagrin, GBF2 seems incredibly keen on building up resident brooding asshole Yuuma to be some sort of incredible prodigy (I believe the usual Anime-ism for this sort of thing is “genius”) when it comes to Gunpla, having Ral’s Gouf R35 job to the Lightning Gundam offscreen. Meanwhile, Sekai is doing such silly things as literally taking his gunpla to a pool (I don’t care that it’s made by Sei and probably waterproofed or something, you just don’t do that), and of course he ends up being the big hero at the end by pulling out yet another Jigged Hash technique as he’s done every single episode so far. Each one has been a blast to see, but I really wish the show would start taking teamwork more seriously as opposed to merely having a team made of strong Gunpla.


And while we’re talking about disappointing aspects of GBF2, Fumina has been getting a miniscule amount of glory compared to either of her teammates. Out of the main cast, she is the one who is by far the most actually enthusiastic about Gundam and Gunpla, but despite this she’s also the one contributing the least to anything the team does. And now the show is having her ditch the very-cool Powered GM Cardigan for the much more conventionally girlier SD Winning Gundam, whose premier power (based on the OP’s animation, anyway) seems to be transforming into a fist to power up Sekai’s Build Burning. Because of course, women can’t be allowed to do anything on their own, right guys? I get that the Winning is supposed to be in a support role, but I can’t help but be disappointed that the show seems to be going out of its way to prevent Fumina from really showing her stuff. I can only hope I’ll be proven wrong.

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