All Your Monies: November 17th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week Jel slips into some old habits as the quality of figures slowly roll downhill, but at least we have a third (and best) straight appearance from Card Captor Sakura.

ARTFX J Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura)
Kotobukiya, April 2015, ¥11,000


Jel: We’ve featured a Sakura figure for three consecutive weeks and they just keep getting better. The figma looks good but this is fantastic. Everything is superbly sculpted, particularly her amazing hair and the ruffles and ribbons. The pose is incredibly energetic and full of life, topped (or maybe bottomed) off with the neat little cloud base. I have absolutely nothing negative to say, even the price is reasonable compared to the current market for such a high quality figure. Very impressive.

Zigg: An absolutely outstanding effort from Kotobukiya with beautiful detailing from head to toe. The massive dress makes for a great display piece and I even like the use of the manga style face and hair which brings a little more childishness and life to the look. Absolutely essential.

Euri: Yet another Sakura figure I want and probably can’t afford. What a stunning piece, though. The base is excellent, the dress is eyecatching and not gross, the movement of the ribbons and the hair makes it feel incredibly dynamic… I could go on. A gorgeous figure.

Elin Oukatsukikage Ryu Version (TERA: Rising)
Flare, April 2015, ¥14,000


Jel: The incredibly ornate sword and the fact that she’s dressed like a flowery ninja makes me think of a decoration you’d buy in one of those shady Asian import stores that pops up in an empty spot at the mall. You guys have those, right? Anyway, I don’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing, it’s a very pretty figure with lovely detail work and I love the color choices. About the only negative is her very child-like face feels uncomfortable matched with the short dress and fishnets, but the powerful action pose helps make up for that.

Zigg: I like all of this except the face, which is completely out of place and looks like they attached the head of one character design to the body of another. Still, that awesome sword makes up for a lot of things and I like the outfit too, scanty as it is. I’ve never heard of Flare though, so quality remains something of an unknown.

Euri: I agree with Jel and Zigg, that face looks incredibly out of place. I checked out one of the more zoomed in photos and she actually has pink crosses in her eyes (you can kind of make those out in this picture), which I don’t think is helping. Weird stuff like that can be cool when done correctly, but in this particular case it just accentuates the blank stare. The sword is pretty cool and credit for all of the little details, but the shots of it up close makes me worry that the paint job won’t be too great. There are parts of this figure that already look like they’ve been painted on by hand and in one colour, so perhaps wait for photos from people who have pre-ordered this.

G.E.M. Series Yato (Noragami)
Megahouse, March 2015, ¥9,600


Jel: Remember Noragami? That had to be one of the best forgettable anime series ever, so forgettable that I forgot to include poor Yato last week. Seeing as the selection was thin this week, I thought he was worth mentioning now. I love the series’ minimalist designs and color choices, but I must admit they don’t make for very exciting figures. Megahouse did they best they could though, making sure every wrinkle in Yato’s jersey and boots is well sculpted and giving him the perfect pose to capture his haphazard lifestyle. What will be really interesting is how they handle the base, which can be tricky with that kind of pose. Personally I hope they do something with 5 yen coins as they’ve displayed it before but I have a feeling we’ll get some kind of angled magic like the base they recently used for Bodacious Space Pirates’ Marika. No matter what they do though, it’s still a pretty cool figure.

ZIgg: This is just kind of boring to me I’m afraid. I’m not familiar with Noragami, but that’s a bland character design and a bland outfit to boot. The falling pose is different at least but there’s no real  activity or purpose to it. He just seems to be leaning back too far. Megahouse normally deliver on the quality and value front so if you’re into it by all means, but there’s nothing to draw non-fans here.

Euri: I’m curious to see what the stand will look like, but this is super boring in comparison to the marginally more expensive Sakura we just looked at. But hey, I’ve not seen the show this guy is from so I’m not sure if people will want this because he’s a cool guy or something.

Nendoroid Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
Good Smile Company, May 2015, ¥4,167


Jel: I have to say this is kind of disappointing. The weird elongated body worked for Luigi since he’s, well, weird and elongated but for Mario it just doesn’t look right.  I would have much preferred the normal shorter nendo body to make him look more stylized. It’s too bad as he comes with an impressive set of accessories, including a background image for photos like the one above. Paired with Luigi, the amount of accessories might give you more options than any other nendo set, you’re just going to have a very weird looking Mario in the middle of an otherwise cool display.

ZIgg: All wrong, You can get away with the standard Nendoroid body style for Luigi because it matches his taller, skinnier appearance, but just grafting the same proportions onto Mario looks odd and unnatural. I’m sure he’ll be produced with all the typical Good Smile love and attention to detail, but I can’t get over such a fundamental flaw with the base figure.

Euri: I suppose this is what happens when you conform your figures to a ‘base’. In fact, it’s a little bit similar to Dunny figures and their multiple incarnations. As has already been said, Luigi was perfect as a Nendoroid because of his proportions. Mario, not so much. You’d want that head shrunk down a bit, but then interchangeable faces won’t work, and ultimately who cares about any of that because this is Mario and he’ll sell out regardless.

Lingyin Huang (Infinite Stratos)
Good Smile Company, May 2015, ¥4,000


Jel: I really didn’t want to include this but it’s a slow week and I just want to say NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU, LIN. That feeding pose is seriously the only moment you are barely relevant in the entire series. I mean, your big claim to fame (aside from Chinese stereotypes) is you’re the ‘second childhood friend’, how low on the harem totem pole can you possibly get? Oh right, figure review… sure she looks cute or whatever but no one cares. LAURA x CHAR OTP, *mic drop* I’m out..

Zigg: That eating pose really is adorable and as with most of the IS girls it’s a cute and attractive design that works great in the hyper-deformed style. The issue is I just don’t care. There’s a million cute Nendoroids and another one from a forgettable harem show with no real standout features isn’t going to get me opening my wallet.

Euri: This isn’t Charlotte.

Bridget L. Satellizer Holiday Version (Freezing Vibration)
A+, February 2015, ¥17,200


Jel: I can’t possibly end my substitute run on AYM without some 1/4 scale castoff monstrosity, can I? This one is actually not too bad if you ignore her impossible body proportions. Her pose and expression are light and simple and her outfit, while indeed skimpy, is not something I haven’t see at the beach before. The use of real cloth certainly ups the creepy factor, but I’m assuming if you’re interested in buying a giant nearly naked anime woman then you’re probably not too worried about that.

Zigg: If you want to buy this, there’s already nothing I can say that will convince you otherwise.

Euri: Holy shit, that price tag is insane. Uhh, I dunno man, maybe save some money and get a gross giant-breasted Super Sonico figure if you’re considering this. You can get way nicer looking figures (*cough*Sakura*cough*) and way…grosser figures, so you might as well commit to one of them.

5 thoughts on “All Your Monies: November 17th 2014

  1. “If you want to buy this, there’s already nothing I can say that will convince you otherwise.”

    lol. Marika looks nice, but ya the cape is too much.

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