This Show Sucks: Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 9



In a very special episode of Psycho-Pass 2, Akane takes a shower, Kamui takes a train and Tow Ubakuta takes a shit on this entire franchise.

Hurray folks, Psycho-Pass 2 is now officially shit enough to warrant its very own post! After last week’s shocking revelation, Mika opens up the episode applauding the truth like a brain-washed maniac. I’m not going to question the hows and whys, because Mika was never designed to have any sort of meaningful or consistent character arc; she exists solely to be hated, and hated she will be demoted to what is essentially Togane’s hostage — once again proving that any woman in the Psycho-Pass universe not named ‘Akane Tsunenori’ will be bereft of their advocacy and dignity at some point or another. This major turnabout in the plot seems to serve only one real purpose, however. Now, whenever Togane does something really eeeeeeeeevil, like, say, killing puppies, Mika can be there to dramatically overreact to how eeeeeeeeeeeevil he is. I wasn’t even joking about killing those puppies, by the way. In the future, kids will be applauded by scientists for killing puppies, apparently. Creating a psychopath whose psychopathy doesn’t register is something scientists of the future will want to do, apparently. So if Togane was designed to be criminally asymptomatic… Why is his current Psycho-Pass so high?

That’s the thing. Season 2 has reduced Psycho-Pass to a list of raised eyebrows. Why did the Crime Coefficient of the corrupt politicians skyrocket upon seeing a mere decapitated head, when they apparently pass the time mutilating immigrants for fun? How come they even managed to keep their astronomical Crime Coefficients hidden from Sibyl’s omnipresent gaze before Kamui came around? Why did Kamui even bother to lower their Coefficients when he planned on killing them anyways? Does Tow Ubakuta even know how this universe works? How come Karanomori didn’t immediately warn whoever operates the subway as soon as Kamui and his cronies were spotted getting on a train and wearing incredibly conspicuous clothing, in stead of casually mentioning it fifteen minutes after the facts? Are Akane and crew even the only police force in the entire city? How did Kamui’s accomplice obtain the ear of Akane’s grandma, when that is part of a wholly different eeeeeeeeeeevil plan altogether?


Yet the biggest question of them all is: what is the point? Akane spends a good half of the episode pondering the God Paradox — naked, by the way — which is pretty interesting, but eventually completely pointless. We don’t need to be told what the hell is wrong with the Sibyl System, we knew that from the moment it deemed a traumatized rape victim a latent criminal way back in the very first episode. Kamui’s plans provide no interesting perspectives on the Sibyl System, because in the end, all he really wants is petty revenge. All of his experiments, from ‘curing’ latent criminals to stealing Dominators and testing them out on Inspectors and Enforcers in the end acts zero purpose in the broader context of his motive. Virtually everything he’s pulled off up until now, including the whole ham-fisted “What Colour?” campaign, has only served to artificially pad out a pathetically simplistic revenge scheme with more senseless misanthropy and gore. Psycho-Pass 2 isn’t just hilariously incompetent, it’s utterly pointless, stressing all the most idiotic aspects of the original for all the wrong reasons and half-assedly exploring twists on the formula seemingly only because it thinks it’s able to. As the countless plot holes in this episode have taught us, however, it couldn’t be more wrong in that conviction.

Random Observations

  • On a rare positive note, the scene where Akane gets her ‘present’ for Togane was actually rather well-presented. As usual, Kana Hanazawa knocked it out of the park with a dignified performance.
  • I love how Togane had to include a little name-plate, though. How else could she’ve known the ear belonged to her grandmother?
  • Looks like Akane has just shut down her adorable jellyfish AI entirely, otherwise it would’ve yelled at her to hit the lights and put on some clothes. By the way, remember when this show was, if anything, at least unintentionally hilarious?
  • I’ve never got to talk about this on The Roundup, but the theme music for this season has been rather tragically disappointing. Ling Toshite Shigure’s ‘Enigmatic Feeling’ is a derivative take on the only song Ling Toshite Shigure know how to write, laced with layer upon layer of pompous self indulgence that might have sounded great if it were a 10-minute psychedelic stomper on a Smashing Pumpkins album, but falls all too flat as an anime theme song. Egoist’s ‘fallen’, on the other hand, has to be some kind of joke, an arrhythmic mess of ‘metal’, ‘dubstep’ and ryo’s signature dramatic orchestral pop ruined by chaotic vocals and a hokey drum section near the beginning that I refuse to acknowledge as anything but a production error. If anything, both ryo and Shigure’s TK are in dire need of a bit of a creative resurgence.

3 thoughts on “This Show Sucks: Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 9

  1. It’s hard to not disagree with that. It’s easier to know that all this isn’t really canon, since the staff from the first season isn’t here.

    I did find it funny that Akane’s grandmother seems to be feeling okay, even though she had her eat cut off, was kidnapped, and is now in the trunk of a car. Maybe she has an exceptionally clear hue like Akane, or Kamui made her a follower of his. If it’s the latter, then would this mean he’s working with Sibyl to overthrow the Sibyl system?

  2. I keep wondering every week why the stolen dominators still work. If they can track the usage then surely they should also be able to remotely disable them? And if they’re not just because Togane says so then the rest of the cast should at least question why they still keep working.

    The messed up drums is what I like the most about the ED by the way 🙂

  3. I love this site. Their ain’t no holding back. The show was boderline until it flew off the lark with the FrankenKamui. IFew more eps left, you think they have any more kitchen sinks?

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