Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 11



Ral decides to take the kids to the Yajima research lab, where the top tier gunpla battlers train and hone their craft. Are they ready for the next level of competition?

Gee’s Thoughts

Honestly this was a rather unremarkable episode, bar the fantastic last 15 seconds or so. The crew arrive at Yajima labs, now run by an adult Nils, because out of all the characters we wanted to see from Gundam Build Fighters, it was the insufferable weeaboo. Still, it theoretically gives us an opportunity to see some old faces return, and return they do. Allan is back, though we’ll have to see how much has changed. And with the familiar mandolin leitmotif at the very end, I believe it’s finally time for our heroes to meet the third Meijin. His new suit is a little disappointingly sparse compared to the man’s usual fare, but I’m hoping it’ll make up in battlefield charisma.


Otherwise though, beyond meeting a guy named Matsunaga (who then promptly gets beaten by the real opponent of the week), there wasn’t a whole ton of particularly interesting events. The all-Zaku team was really cool, if terribly cliched. The new guy with his ridiculously ugly gunpla wasn’t that much more interesting either. I suppose it’s nice to see Yuuma finally get some more screen time, however pithy it is. If anything, the biggest highlight of this week’s episode was finally seeing Sekai eat the dirt in a fight for once.

In the end, this episode didn’t really do much for me, but with the way everything is being set up, I think we have both Meijin antics and some training arcs to look forward to. Our heroes are in sore need of more character development, so hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

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