First Look: Sengoku Musou

Alternative titles: Samurai Warriors
Game Adaptation by Tezuka Productions.
Streaming Pending on Funimation


Yet again, it is the Sengoku Period as various pretty and obnoxiously designed warlords fight it out for control of Japan.

Gee’s verdict: Somehow Insane And Boring At The Same Time

As the resident history and apparently Sengoku period anime guy, I knew exactly what I was getting into with Sengoku Musou. And yet somehow, it still managed to disappoint me. The characters are all so ostentatiously designed that it’s impossible to tell any of them apart. I realize this is a result of it being an adaptation of the game, but when everyone is dressed like a World of Warcraft character, it’s impossible to keep track of anything or take it even remotely seriously. Say what you will of Sengoku Basara, but all the characters are very distinctly designed so that they stand out, even amongst each other. Throw in a vapid plot, flat characters, and some hilariously terrible animation and what you get is an anime that literally nobody asked for. If you’re a fan of the games, you’re better off just replaying the games because you’re not going to get anything out of the anime. If you’re a fan of samurai dudes fighting each other, you’re not going to get that in any appreciable manner. If you’re a fan of the Sengoku period and its history, I’m afraid I can’t help you.


Marlin’s verdict: Sure is Some Dynasty Warriors-Ass Plot.

What more can I say? If you’re jonesin’ for some Sengoku-era names that are probably way more recognizable to a native Japanese person dressed up in the gaudiest outfits imaginable, then have we the show for you. Other than the requisite ridiculous castle raid the episode was pretty dull. Sure, war is all about having conferences and planning action, but as Sanada clearly showed, this is not the real world, this is a weird fiction where a single man can murder hundreds all whilst somehow dodging gunfire. You’d think “why don’t we just knock the doors down” would have been thought #1 and any conflicted ideas would have been stomped down immediately. The biggest problem this show has is it’s animated like garbage, and that doesn’t help when the costumes are already ugly as sin. All in all makes for a pretty boring experience.

Iro’s verdict: Duller Than A Bad Lecture

This seems like the least necessary video game adaptation of all time. Considering the insane over-saturation of Sengoku anime out there already, adapting a long-running video game on the subject (and doing a poor job of it, I might add) is plain extravagant. It doesn’t even do a good job of explaining things, carting out dozens of over-designed characters with names we should ostensibly be recognizing from history and having them spout pointless dialogue until something happens. It doesn’t even feature the key concept of the Musou games: murdering thousands of mooks. How can you expect to adapt one of these games and not have massive-scale battles? It’s stupid. This show is stupid. Don’t watch it.

3 thoughts on “First Look: Sengoku Musou

    • Honestly, between last season’s leftovers and a couple of genuine surprises (Yatterman, Rolling Girls), I can’t say this entire season is unredeemable. However the lowest points are *very* low.

      • Hmm, everything just seems so meh, if not average. I am not particularly excited by any show so far to give them even a watch. But we’ll see.

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