Assassination Classroom Episode 2

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We learn that Koro-sensei is far from the worst thing at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. We also get to see the world exclusive showing of an alien in a wig.

Euri’s thoughts

The show seems to be focusing on one student per episode like we mentioned in the first impressions piece last week, with episode 2 being dedicated to Sugino. Spending too much time on his baseball and not his studies seems to have landed him in class 3-E, but this is where Koro-sensei comes in. From what it seems, Koro-sensei serves as a way for the kids to regain their confidence and have fun at school, something that seems like it would have been impossible had class 3-E been run by any other teacher. Whether we get to see each student cheered up in turn is hard to say, but I’m hoping that it gets a little more involved than that. Still, it’s early days, and who can say where the plot is going without having read the manga.

I suppose it comes down to whether we get a larger focus on the assassinations. After Nagisa’s attempt in the first episode, it was obvious that Sugino’s attempt in this episode wasn’t going to work. Therein lies a problem; will we get to see cool assassination attempts, or are we doomed into knowing that they are never going to succeed? You can find stories about students in every other anime, so Koro-sensei has some work to do before convincing me.

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Variation may be on its way, in two parts no less. The first is that Karasuma, the MoD guy from the previous episode, seems to be joining class 3-E as their P.E. teacher. This should serve to shake things up a little anyway, but it’s something that he says to the school principal that really caught my attention. He mentioned he’d be keeping an eye “on him”, which may at first seem like he’s referring to Koro-sensei, but given the introduction of another student shortly after this, I think that may not be the case. He seems like a rather charming young fellow, but I do wonder exactly why he was suspended in the first place. Given what little he says in this episode, you’d expect it to be big.

Oh, the rest of the school? Garbage. Besides being banned from joining school clubs I think 3-E is getting the better deal.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.19_[2015.01.18_16.42.58]

One thought on “Assassination Classroom Episode 2

  1. @Euris this show will focus alot on the class students in most of the episodes and a little on the assassin attempts in other words there will be balance between the 2 things so you will enjoy this balance

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