The Rolling Girls Episode 2

rolling2a Recap

The gang has been put in mortal peril by Shigyo, but Masami still refuses to acknowledge she is Maccha Green. After slinking away and donning her suit, she manages to stop the train in time. Exploiting this, Shigyo goes on the offensive once again, revealing Masami’s secret once and for all, along with their shared history. With Maccha out of commission after the fight, Nozomi goes off on a quest to go out in her place.

Talk about flying out of the gate. Rolling Girls follows up its action packed opener with another solidly directed piece of superpowered entertainment. I still find it weird that all humans can survive falling from the top of a roller coaster or getting blown away by super punches, but apparently can’t survive it when they’re in a roller coaster? Oh well, it’s obviously just an impetus for Maccha Green to show herself, and also to tease the appearance of Ai later on. The fighting was so fluid and you could feel the weight of every single punch. It also kept the light air of the first fight, what with projectile vomit attacks and a return of the most impractical giant weapon of all time while also maintaining a real level of danger. Sure, they might look goofy, but their powers leveled an entire theme park. It does a great job of simply showing us just how immensely powerful a Best is from your average human while being absolutely gorgeous at the same time.

rolling2dI like this slow drip feed of information about how life was like during this great calamity. I also enjoy just how equally bonkers the world appeared to be at the time, what with the Tokyo Tower fighting the Sky Tree in broad daylight while a masked hero clashes with that one crazy girl from Kill Bill. The grainy filter perfectly fits the mood of a time in the not so distant past. Now that we’re focusing on Nozomi, I wonder how much it will play into the plot for the future. It’s clear that what happened to the world drastically shaped how people operate. Despite the fact that things like amusement parks are fully functional, and in fact highly customizable for some reason, communications are still done via letter. If I am right and that literally is the Tokyo Tower fighting the Sky Tree, did something happen to telecommunications that helped cause this apocalypse?

rolling2eWhile it’s a bit disappointing to see the great personalities of Maccha Green and Shigyo go, I still think the journey set up this episode has a lot of potential. Nozomi has a lot of gumption to try and mediate despite her lack of powers. While Yukina was made out to be a bit of a spaz in the first episode, she seemed a lot more confident when she decided to follow Nozomi on this quest. As I’m always a sucker for a good genki girl, I’m also liking the dopey but big hearted Ai coming along for the ride as well. We’ll have to see where Chiaya factors in to this group, but for now I’m confident the show can keep up its charm and energy for the weeks to come.

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