All Your Monies: March 30th 2015

header Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Marlin) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, there are cars, pigs, cats and ships, but none can outshine the glory of dead bodies.

Yamcha (Dragon Ball)
Bandai, September, ¥4,400 (Exclusive)



Zigg: This is absolutely amazing and I love it to bits. Cannot wait to see the pictures that come out of it.

Jel: This is brilliant. If a figure is supposed to capture the essence of the character, then they nailed Yamcha perfectly. In fact, they should probably do this for all the non-Saiyan Z Warriors, right?

Marlin: The definitive Yamcha figure. Accept no substitutes.

Euri: Reminds me somewhat of the Street Fighter gashapon we got a while back, only this time as a full figure. It’s pretty hilarious, and I’d love to have both Yamcha and Krillin being dead on my desk, but I think I’d like to see every major Dragon Ball character looking defeated in gashapon form. With a full figure I think it’d lose its novelty factor quite quickly, but with small and cheap figures you get a small army of hilarity. 

Rin Hishizora (Love Live!)
Alter, September, ¥12,800



Zigg: Alter’s recent resurgence continues with another winner. Granted, it’s not the most detail heavy figure they’ve ever produced but the adorable, colourful outfit and cute pose sell it for me. As ever from the company there’s a sharpness of design and detail throughout – check out those awesome cat paw ribbons or the great hair. Very much into this.

Jel: I don’t know if Alter is going for a smoother, stylized look here but honestly I thought this was another company at first glance. There’s hardly any detail on anything save for the green bow on her head. That said, her outfit is uhhh… interesting… to the say the least. It definitely gets points for creativity. I find that cat paw bow thing terrifying, but anything is better than the boring blue blazer Love Live uniforms.

Marlin: What is with idols and parachute shorts? They make these girls look like circus clowns or something. I do like the color scheme and styling if anything, but that doesn’t make those pants any less stupid. Add onto that a dumb catgirl theme and it’s really hard to take seriously.

Euri: What’s Love Live! again? Anyway, I must say that while I continue to keep myself oblivious to that franchise, the figures that have been spawned by it certainly don’t seem your run of the mill Madoka swimsuit/yukata/bath towel offerings. At least, not yet. The price for Rin is pretty ridiculous for what you are getting, but admittedly she does do a pretty great job of standing out. Plus if anyone asks what she’s from, you can pass her off as a Blazblue character.

Ikazuchi -Animation Ver- (Kantai Collection)
Kotobukiya, August, ¥9,000



Zigg: I like the cheeky face a lot. Otherwise, KanColle 101.

Jel: And we now return you to our weekly “School Girl with a Backpack” Kantai Collection figure. After a string of slightly more visually interesting KanColle girls, this is not doing it for me. At least her clothes are still intact? That’s all I got on this one.

Marlin: Has there been some kind of breakthrough in plastic pleated skirt technology? Two weeks in a row we have the most painstakingly detailed skirts on two of the least desirable figures ever. The idea that she’s wielding an anchor as a weapon is kinda cute? Still doesn’t make her look terribly plain. I guess if you’re going to get any Japanese ship from WWII you might as well get the one that saved over 400 lives in one of Japan’s only humanitarian efforts of the war. Although if you cared about historical depictions you probably should not be supporting KanColle anyway.

Euri: Yuuki Kataoka but with less Mahjong and more warship? Okay, I guess.

Real Action Heroes Meliodas DX Ver (The Seven Deadly Sins)
Medicom Toy, November, ¥30,900 (Exclusive)


Zigg: I know nothing about this figure or the show, but come on, it’s a huge poseable doll which includes a giant pig as an accessory. How am I not going to feature that?

Jel: Where’s Euri? Someone ask him what that pig is all about, it is FREAKING me out. It’s certainly one of the more interesting RAH accessories. Aside from that, this is pretty much what you’d expect from a RAH version of Melodias, although I have to say the real cloth outfit kind of makes him look like more disheveled than he’s supposed to. Of course if you can actually afford this you can also probably afford to get his outfit dry cleaned and pressed, so have fun with that.

Marlin: At first I thought this would be cool before I realized it was a RAH. The cloth effect obviously just does not work here. Also, I thought Hawk hates it when people ride her. At least she looks nice, as nice as a sentient pig can look anyway. It’s still super fucked up that he eats pork like all the time, right in front of her.

Euri: Holy hell, the cloth on this figure can’t possibly be worth that much. He looks like he’s fallen out of a tavern, though I guess at the very least it doesn’t look like his outfit was made in half an hour and out of felt, so there’s a bonus. Hawk, Meliodas’ ever-faithful talking pig of dubious origin, seems to be pretty well sculpted and certainly makes this one stand out. The only problem is that you’d have spent 30,000 yen on the worst character in the whole show and a pig.

S.H. Figuarts Tridoron (Kamen Rider Drive)
Bandai, September, ¥26,600


Zigg: Whenever Bandai makes large-scale props to go with Kamen Rider Figuarts they’re always ludicrously expensive, but I have a soft spot for them anyway just because of how totally cool they are. This is absolutely the ultimate toy for any figure loving Drive fan and the extra cockpit and stand is a nice touch. Worth pointing out though that you don’t even get a Type Speed Figuart thrown in for the price.

Jel: In AYMs’ past I made fun of the green Drive guy for having a tire on his head. Both the car and the red guy are much cooler than him. If it wasn’t so expensive, I’d kind of want to buy this for my 3 year old nephew who loves race cars. Gotta start indoctrinating him with Japanese culture early, right?

Marlin: This would be cool for a kid, but it’s also over 200 bucks. That would firmly place it in the “hands off” zone and thus makes it hard to justify at all. I do appreciate that it’s got some good detail to it at least, and if you really are a huge Drive fan, might as well get ’em both.

Euri: I think I’d have loved something like this as a kid. Now I’ve grown up and would much rather have a space rocket from Fourze instead.

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