My Little Monster Volume 7


Shizuku and Haru start spending more time with each other, but things are still a little awkward after Shizuku’s birthday. After spending some time apart, spring begins and that means a shakeup in the school order! Placed away from the main group, Haru has to adapt to his new environment, and an awkward scenario with Oshima.

My Little Monster Volume 7

Writer: Robico
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: March 17th, 2015
MSRP: $10.99

Things slow down a bit in this volume, which isn’t a terrible thing, but I was wanting a bit more development from Shizuku and Haru after that final scene last volume. Sure, hanging out in the library is good and all, but they’d done that before. I guess spending any time is better than nothing, though. They still had their sweet moments, and what’s important is that they’re recognizing how much of an effect the two of them have had on their lives. On a side note, I’m still not sure what’s up with Shizuku’s mom. As far as I can tell, she’s still meant to be… likable I’d have to say? This may be a values difference kind of thing, but compared to her father, who is active in his children’s lives and takes them to baseball games and stuff, I feel her mom gets way too much credit for her opinions. Maybe this will cause problems down the road, who knows.

mlm7bNatsume’s heartbreak was inevitable, but it was still pretty painful to watch. Mitchan has always tried to keep a comfortable distance between himself and the kids. As Haru’s guardian, it always seemed like he was content to fall into the background as Haru’s group of friends grew. With Natsume, a huge wrench is thrown into that plan. His words were pretty harsh, but they were undeniably true. Natsume needed to realize how her feelings were putting pressure on him, and how unreasonable her romantic thoughts had become. Hopefully she can realize that she doesn’t really need love in her life to be fulfilled, she still has her friends. This is a romance manga after all though. After those parting words between Mitchan and Sasayan, something tells me he is going to start filling that void.

mlm7cI’m surprised at how maturely they handled Haru’s rejection of Oshima. Haru is much surer in his feelings now, even if he doesn’t have everything together. That’s why we can believe he can reject Oshima wholeheartedly. It also ties into his growing character that he’s so shaken by how he hurt her through this rejection. Haru has always been afraid of hurting the people he cared about, one way or another. Here, we finally see him effectively think about other’s feelings and reconcile with them. It also shows his growth that he expresses his relief with Shizuku. She’s become his emotional rock, and he finally seems to be reciprocating her feelings. I’m hoping we see the two deepen in their relationship. The more Yamaken comes into the mix, the more he feels superfluous considering how much deeper the relationship between Shizuku and Haru has become.

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