My Little Monster Volume 6

mlm6aAfter the ski party, Sasayan and Natsume start to fight. Lack of maturity on both sides prevents the two from patching things up. Later, it turns out that Shizuku’s birthday is Valentine’s Day. This gives a pretty adorable excuse for all the girls to get together and make chocolate, while also letting Haru do something for Shizuku.

My Little Monster Volume 6

Writer: Robico
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: January 20th, 2015
MSRP: $10.99

Picking up where we left off, Natsume takes Sasayan’s critique of Haru’s commitment a little close to heart. For the most part, I was on Sasayan’s side. Haru needed to be more committal about his relationship with Shizuku. Even more than that, Sasayan understands that he needs more than love to really come out of his shell. It makes sense that he, obviously the most outgoing of the bunch, would be able to understand how powerful it is to have friends by your side. His attempts to broaden Haru’s sphere was really heartwarming. I also like that Haru is becoming much more cognizant of the bad decisions he is prone to making. I’ve always been interested in Sasayan as the odd one out, if only for his complete normalness.  Here, we see he can be just as selfish and immature as the other kids in this story. He quickly turned the chip on his shoulder into a legitimate insult just because of his own frustration. In the end, cooler heads prevailed. It showed a lot about Haru’s growth that he was the mediator here instead of part of the problem. Natsume did need to learn that in order to like people you have to be willing to open up to them. It’s selfish to say you can know what people are like without giving them a fair shake.

Oh, poor Oshima. The girl’s got a lot of heart, but her shyness combined with her choice in crush has been a recipe for heartbreak from the start. I’m glad to see she didn’t totally back down after thinking about her feelings. Yu has always been a good soundboard for her, and I really think Yu comes into her own as Oshima’s friend, supporting her in a crisis of resolve. She still seemed to be resigned to the fact that Haru is still in love with Shizuku. His initially oafish personality finally calms down by the end, and we see that he really does care for her, but he needs focus to really bring that emotion to action. While Oshima did succeed in conveying her feelings, it’s obvious Haru can’t reciprocate.

mlm6bSpeaking of poor girls, I do wonder how long Natsume’s crush is going to be dragged out. It’s clear it would be inappropriate for her to have a relationship with someone as old as Micchan, but now we see him possibly reveling in the attention? I want to think that he’s a better guy than that, but I suppose we can’t say either way yet. It is true that if he really was bothered by it, nipping it in the bud would be way more effective than ignoring her. I wonder if Micchan’s words were more meant to get Sasayan to recognize his own feelings than anything. From what we’ve seen so far, he isn’t the kind of guy to turn hostile quickly. By saying it’s none of Sasayan’s business, it’s basically him saying that if he wants to have a say, he has to start making it his business. This has to come to a breaking point sooner or later, I just hope nobody gets hurt.

Sometimes I forget that for all his great family problems, Shizuku’s situation is not ideal either. What I’ve always found a bit disappointing is how well Shizuku’s mother is treated compared to her relative callousness towards her daughter and the rest of her family. What kind of parent can’t take a single day off to celebrate their child’s birthday when they’re still young? It seems that Shizuku is still dependent on her, she sees her mother as a role model to look up to, a strong independent woman. While she may be those things, it does not maker her a perfect person. It’s why I’m glad she appreciated how special it was that Haru came to her for her birthday despite her protests. He’s starting to understand her feelings, and that effort got through spectacularly. The final scene of this volume is a must-read and it’s making me agonize over every minute that I have to wait before I return home to read the next one. For a series that’s already proven itself, this volume goes above and beyond in dealing with its characters in an intelligent and romantic way.

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