First Look: Rainy Cocoa


Alternative titles: Ame-iro Cocoa
Manga Adaptation by EMT²
Currently Unlicensed


Due to various circumstances, girly-looking first-year college student Aoi Tokura begins working part-time at the café “Rainy Color”, which is run and attended by a bunch of other bishounen.

Artemis’ verdict: Yawn

I assume I was handed Rainy Cocoa because I’m the only one on the Glorio team with lady-parts, but I’m honestly struggling to find much to say about the show so far. At only two minutes per episode, there’s precious little material with which to judge by, and I doubt there’s going to be any kind of plot as such either – this is a slice-of-life/light comedy series, and later episodes will likely consist of more of the same, i.e. a bunch of dudes talking in a café. Unfortunately, even for those viewers who actually happen to enjoy gazing upon bishounen doing and saying nothing in particular, there’s really not much to see here either. They all seem like stock-standard characters, with lackluster character designs complimented by basic animation and forgettable background music. My deepest thought while watching this was, “Hey, that one guy has really big eyebrows.” I guess I’ll give it one more shot just to seem fair, but I’m hardly on the edge of my seat in anticipation for episode 2.


Jel’s verdict: I’m Sorry I Wasted 2 Minutes of Artemis’ Time

I had a few questions going into this:

1. Is it a short? Yes, only 2 minutes. And I could barely make it through those 2 minutes.

2. Would they do a simuldub in Japanese and English like the manga? Nope. Not even licensed outside Japan yet.

3. Who let Hiro Shimono sing and why? Still don’t know, but they need to stop.

Those are probably the only valid questions you could have about Rainy Cocoa and I have answered them, so spare yourself 2 minutes and skip it.

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