Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 4


“Blood Line Fever”

Saturdays 2:28 pm EST on Funimation

Leo’s possible vampire sighting is the talk of the Libra office party. The crew goes to investigate a rumored source but will they figure out the vampire’s weakness in time?

Jel’s Thoughts

Every episode of BBB has been obtuse to a certain extent but this was the first episode that felt like something was missing. When we are introduced to the purple haired vampire Villain of the Week, we know she’s bad because she offed an entire NYPD squad. But it also feels implied that for K.K. and Stephen A. Starphase this fight is personal, like we should know who this opponent is and why she needs to be stopped beyond her general threat to humanity.¬†Was there possibly some backstory explained in the manga that was cut for time? Even if I’m totally off base I still felt like we were being left out of the loop on something.


That’s a pretty minor complaint in the grand scheme of things though as overall this was still great fun. Introducing vampires as antagonists makes perfect sense in a world where everyone’s super powers stem from their blood. From what little glimpse we get into their makeup it’s definitely a new twist on an old classic. I also thought it was fun to see how extensive Libra is and that they all get together for afterwork drinks. I wouldn’t mind knocking back a few “Blur Moons” with the crew. As cool as the main cast is, it’s really the dense, detailed setting that continues to elevate this series to the next level. I continue to appreciate their research on what New York looks like, particularly this week as they perfectly recreated the NYC Subway… well, except the chance of death should have probably been higher.

With the looming threat of super powered vampires and the revelation that there are several “Kings” of (insert villainous quality here) to contend with, there’s so many potential plot lines for BBB that it almost has me worried. The premise could easily¬†fill volumes and volumes of manga and seasons and seasons of anime. Will this series be able to stay focused enough to tell a substantial story that doesn’t leave us unsatisfied? I can’t rule that out at our current pace, but even if this does continue the episodic format it’s just so cool that I can’t complain.

BBB_03_3Marlin’s thoughts

It seems we’re finally getting into some greater overarching plot threads as the vampires come into the game. Blitz T. Abrams has definitely been given the best introduction here this episode, and that includes Chain being a shawty. As other members of the Glorio Crew pointed out, this kind of concept of good luck isn’t novel, but it’s very well executed. Blitz seems well aware of his circumstances, but his abilities as a vampire researcher mean he’s the only man to ask for about the greater applications of Leo’s power. I like how Leo has been utilized so far by Libra. While he’s no fighter, they’ve quickly acknowledged his abilities and given them the proper gravitas despite his age and newcomer status. At first I was wondering if this episode would drive a wedge between Leo and Libra, as they push him to the very edge in order to gain more information about the vampires that they needed, but instead we see that he admires them because they all take those kinds of risks to help eliminate this obvious threat to humanity. Now that ghost girl’s brother has been established as one of undying, I wonder how long it will take for the two to come into conflict.

4 thoughts on “Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 4

  1. Leo by no means will be the newbie for the duration of the show. However, the new addition are combatant, and aren’t quit as helpless as Leo is. I’m very much looking forward to the next two episode with Doug Hammer/Deldro Brody and Zed O’Brien.

  2. Yes jel it does seem like something was left out. That conversation the vamps had w KK and Starphase gave me the impression they had been preparing their DNA/Blood for this showdown…why? If the vamps seem to the be the baddy then surely we will get more insight…one hopes.

    • What I implied from what they said is that all Blood Battle Style Libra members are genetically modified to resist and combat vampires, and that is why they have blood-based powers.

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