Sound! Euphonium Episode 5

euph5b “Festival Time”

Tuesdays at 1:00 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

The band is on the move, marching to prepare for the upcoming SunFes. At the festival, we get a first taste of their rivals, and the band finally gets a chance to prove itself. Also, more legs than ever before.

Watching Kumiko flail around can be fun and all, but this Reina plot thread has just been spinning its wheels since episode two. Are they friends, or aren’t they? Reina seems to talk to Kumiko of her own volition, so I don’t get why Kumiko still feels like she needs to explain her justly pessimistic attitude toward the band? It makes it seem like Kumiko is trying to be someone she’s not in order to get on Reina’s good side, without giving us any clear indication why it’s so important for her to be on Reina’s good side in the first place. I’m also getting some weird teacher crush vibes comin’ from Reina. She seems kind of obsessed with Taki, and I’m not sure if a show like this can handle going down a serious road like that. I hope by the next few episodes this show can finally just put the Reina question to bed once and for all.


It would appear the show’s response to my critique of its leg fetish was to throw legs at us non stop until the episode was over. If last episode was egregious this one brings it all the way into distasteful. Note that Kitauji has by far the shortest skirts of any of the bands shown, with some of them just having pants like every American band I’ve seen would have. What’s more, despite having two male characters very close to our main class, we barely see anything of them other than somewhat insulting scene of “buuuuh big strong men help carry cases for us weak girls”. All of these factors are starting to make this show hard to watch. The band stuff is the only thing keeping me in, so having all this bargain brand chest envy or fanservice pandering is taking me out of the experience.


I’m glad the concert scene lifted my spirits. For as dumb as the majority of that first half was, having Kumiko realize she’s already found the new high school life she dreamed of. Instead of dwelling on the past, she’s able to look ahead because of the friends she’s found in the band. I think that has always been the band’s biggest draw. You’re forced to interact with several dozen weirdos every day of the week, so you’re bound to like some of ’em. Finding that home in band can be a safe haven when the rest of your school life is less than perfect. Now that everyone in Kitauji is working towards their goals, they feel united, and that work transfers to their performance in the festival. With the introduction of the schools to beat, I wonder how strong the show will foment a sense of rivalry between the old band members in the future.

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