Sound! Euphonium Episode 6

euph6b  “Twinkle Twinkle Little Tuba”

Tuesdays at 1:00 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

The band receives a big shock when Mr. Taki announces that they will have to audition for parts, y’know, like they’re actually part of a competitive band or something. Most of our girls take it in stride, but Hazuki’s lack of experience compounds on her lack of motivation for playing the Tuba. With only a week until the auditions, the girls try to show her that no part is unimportant when you’re in a band.

Man, it really just shows how endemic Japan’s problem with seniority is that having auditions based on merit is a foundation shaking concept to this band. If there’s one thing where age politics should never come into play, it’s a competition of skill. It’s absolutely infuriating that the show seems to be portraying Mr. Taki as some kind of sly bully for stating the obvious truth. It did set up some grade A comedy as the show’s sense of humor starts to shine through again. Asuka is still the best, and this show is a lot of fun when she plays off of Kumiko’s straight man.


I’m not gonna harp on the Legs! Euphonigams problem too much this week other than to note: was Kumiko checking out Reina’s butt? Am I just so focused on the legs issue that I’m seeing things now? Either way, that whole bit was pretty skeevy. I’m glad Kumiko is finally feeling a bit more confident in her conversations with her. Granted, she still stammered like a moron, but her tendency to shoot from the hip meant she had a pretty good comeback hearkening back to last episode. I hope we get to see more of the bubbling tensions in the Trumpet section that seem to be forming due to Reina’s confidence and skill. My money’s on that crazy girl with the bow to exact petty revenge if Reina manages to win out over the Trumpet leader.


The show has been pretty laser focused on Kumiko, so I’m glad we get to go a little more in depth with our supporting cast. Hazuki definitely has the most unique position, being the only one of the girls who hadn’t had previous experience. It’s here that this show starts to shine again as a story about what it’s actually like to be in a band. Kumiko’s words are spot on when talking about Hazuki’s particular issue: when you’re having difficulties playing, it can really start to snowball without some proper context. Her position as Tuba player only exacerbates this. I’ve heard a lot of the same type of responses from people that play low instruments, it’s only ever satisfying once you’re out there supporting the harmonics. In ships I can get behind news, I’m glad the show has given more than that one encounter to build Hazuki’s crush on Shuuichi. It’d be nice to see where that goes, but considering all the plot threads Euphonium has to juggle I doubt this will develop right away.

2 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium Episode 6

  1. Finally, a glorious understated episode on the tuba. I would concur that I only found satisfaction in playing the tuba only in ensembles. The tuba is not really a soloist instrument – and while I know there are solos out there for the instrument, the point of the bassline is to be the solid backbone of the orchestra while the trumpets and French horns take centre stage.

    I also found myself looking out for more overt leg shots since Artemis’ first comment. But to be frank, I don’t actually see anything there. Perhaps I am simply inured to the medium at this point that I can overlook such details. Or maybe because Game of Thrones has moved the goalpost on acceptable lascivious scenes.

    • Yeah, I really love how they handled that. Playing the harmony is something people don’t usually think about, so it’s nice to have that focus on the important pieces that usually get lost in the background. As for the legs, it’s there if you look for it. A few cuts just seem to focus on the legs for no logical reason other than fanservice. It’s not the worst thing in the world, it just keeps popping up and I can’t get it out of my head.

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