Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 9


“Z’s Longest Day (Part 2)”

Saturdays 2:28 pm EST on Funimation

As the Blood Breed recovers and Leo tries to figure out its true name, Zapp’s master calls in his other top student for help. After the incident Black gives White her final mission, leaving her with a very difficult decision to make.

Jel’s Thoughts

Not to much to say about this week’s episode as more than half of it was action. I’m not complaining as it was all incredibly stylish and entertaining, but it doesn’t leave me with much to muse over. We do finally meet the amazingly, mundanely named Zed O’Brien, which seems to fit his personality more than the fact that he’s a fish man. I love his setup as the Yin to Zapp’s Yang, making me kind of sad that it’s taken so long to bring him into the fold. I also enjoyed the sweet moment between Klaus and Leo in which he reassures him of his value as a complete person. That Klaus sure is a nice guy, huh?


The meat of the plot revolved around Black or whatever you want to call his King of Despair persona, which I’m still having trouble getting excited about. At the very least it was amusing to see him hanging out with the other Kings, who seem to be enjoying their chaotic lifestyle a lot more than he is. The show seemed a lot more fun in general trying to foil Femt and Aligura’s crazy antics as opposed to Black moping around. Maybe he just needs to borrow Aligura’s mechanical steamroller monster tank thing?

As we round the corner to the final three episodes, I’m kind of sad for a couple of reasons. Obviously I’m going to miss having the show around every week but I also feel like there’s no way this can end in a satisfying way. I’m sure White and Leo will work out some way to save her without ripping his eyes out and we’ll leave with business carrying on as usual. That wouldn’t be a BAD ending per se, but it’s going to leave me wanting a lot more. Badly. There’s always hope for another season of course, but with this amazing setting and cast Blood Blockade Battlefront could probably go on for another 100 episodes and still feel fresh. I guess we’ll worry more about that when the time comes and just try to enjoy it for now.


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