Sound! Euphonium Episode 10

euph10a “Straight Trumpet”

Tuesdays at 1:00 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

The results of the audition leave everyone shocked. A vicious rumor brings band development to a halt as Reina and Mr. Taki find themselves under fire.

Marlin’s Thoughts

I’m glad this week spent its time showing between the healthy and unhealthy ways people can deal with disappointment. Just as I thought, Natsuki never held any ill will against our little worrywart. Turns out Natsuki is just the kind of motivation Kumiko needs to get over her own hangups. This show has done a good job of letting its relationships build slowly, and that paid off in some big ways this episode. Asuka still is the most unknown factor. She’s still playing things really cool, but it’s clear she has some favoritism for her friends. It’s nice to see she doesn’t let it get in the way of her personal life, though.


I still can’t remember bow-chick’s name, but she has just been a serious asshole this whole show. I can’t stand that kind of person who refuses to keep a handle on their emotions. Anyone who has been paying attention the entire year knows that Reina has the talent to have legitimately beaten Kaori. It’s nice to see that, as Reina had Kumiko’s back last episode, Kumiko comes out here to console her when she needs a friend most. It’s cute to see how their relationship has grown that much closer since the festival day episode. With the way she’s talking this episode, it makes me wonder how much she understands this crush on Mr. Taki to be childish. The very idea she’s in love with him does throw a wrench in the yuri parade, and yet her continued reliance on Kumiko does leave some wiggle room. I’d still be floored if anything substantial actually happened.


I’m really disappointed at Mr. Taki’s solution to the problem. Having them compete again is basically bowing to the pressure. You are the teacher, the adult, you have to remind these kids what they’ve been working for, not let them get caught up in this kind of nonsense. Reina better beat the shit out of Kaori, as now that she accepted that invitation she’s just as much of a sore loser and a spoiled brat as the rest of the no-name whiners in this episode. It is a very high school thing for these kids to get hung up over a single detail, but the way it was portrayed just made the majority of the band seem like the most caricatured versions of teens, all back-talking and rumormongoring. Reina better not have to give up the solo, it would seem like such a cop-out that doesn’t directly address what a problem it is having the students act like this in the first place.


Jel’s Thoughts

Just going stop in for a quick hot take here: I have no idea what they were going for with the title but it is HILARIOUS considering Reina’s conversation with Kumiko. Clearly it’s all a setup for her to fail the audition, rush to Kumiko for comfort, and then fill the rest of the episode with an angry, passionate make-out session, right?

3 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium Episode 10

  1. I think I have a better grasp on this series now after this episode. This really is not a show of an idealised upcoming underdog school band I thought it would be, but one which shows a dysfunctional band of people who often make the wrong decisions, with excellent animation. The discomfort is definitely intentional, as the whole direction has been to get us to not only sympathise with Reina, but like her as a character – so even if the denouement of the episode is to have the Gandalf of the series request a second shootout to determine the soloist, we the audience are left with a feeling of betrayal.

    • Sounds about right. As it stands now I would be surprised if they were successful at the competition, I feel like they want the audience to believe that as a group they don’t deserve it. That would kind of be interesting since there are clearly individuals that do, I think the outcome of the second audition will say a lot.

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