Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 11


“Paint it Black”

Saturdays 2:28 pm EST on Funimation

White recalls growing up in a house of Casters as the only one who can’t use magic. With her memories of her family driving her, she works with Black to capture Leo and harness his power.

Jel’s Thoughts

I am OK with recap episodes as a necessary evil but coming back to this is playing right into my fears for this series. All the things you love about Blood Blockade Battlefront – the cool characters, stylish presentation, carefree attitude, etc. – are absent from this episode. Instead, we get bogged down in a flashback full of cliché anime melodrama. I’m talking kids not acting anything like kids, parents making tragic sacrifices, giant crocodile tears, it’s all in there. The director tried her best to save it, particularly the beginning with the “court” scene”, but just gave up and played it straight from about half way through. I can’t say I blame her as there was just nothing interesting or original to work with.


Once we survive the flashback there are a few more attempts to grab your attention that fall just as flat. Why did Black even need Leo? What is his endgame? Based on previous episodes I’m guessing he’s trying to weaken the barrier around the city or something but without any information or motivation, why should we care? Even his supposed killing White at the end hardly has the impact it’s supposed to. For one, I’ve never been very invested in her in the first place but more importantly, there are so many ways in this particular universe for her to not really be dead that I’ll believe it when I see it.

Overall I am not encouraged by this episode as we approach the end of the series. As much as I’ve loved it up until now it was not a premise that you could easily find a satisfying stopping point. Still, I would have preferred a light hearted “and their adventures continued” deal instead of a last ditch attempt to get dark and serious. About the only thing I can hope for now is Black’s plan was to release the Blood Breed on the city and the last episode is just Libra in an all out brawl with them. That is actually a very real possibility, so I’m not counting out Blood Blockade Battlefront just yet.

2 thoughts on “Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 11

  1. Man was that dissapointing. Was that supposed to be a marquee episode? It was so blah. Even the explosions at the end and Leo shedding trrrrs was forgettable

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