First Look: School Live!


Alternative titles: Gakkou Gurashi!
Manga Adaptation by Lerche
Streaming on CrunchyrollThursdays 10:00 am EST


Yuki loves going to school – so much so that she’s joined the “School Living Club” in which, as the name implies, the members stay overnight at school. She happily spends her days going to class, teasing her underclassmen Mii-kun, and chasing around her adorable pet dog. Absolutely nothing is wrong with this situation. Nope. Don’t pay any mind to the girl sharpening the shovel in the corner. Everything is fine.

Jel’s verdict: I’m Not Saying Anything

I wish I had gone into School Live without knowing the twist, so I’m not going to specifically mention it here. It’s almost impossible not to be spoiled on it, it’s even kind of in the Crunchyroll description, but if you haven’t heard anything yet just tune everyone out and watch it blind. There are all kinds of sinister little hints as to what’s really going on, and I think I would have enjoyed the first episode a lot more trying to decipher what it all means.

That said, even knowing the premise I wasn’t sure to what degree they would play it up. Would this just be a wacky comedy with bits of black humor or would they really take the predicament the girls are in seriously? Even after the first episode it’s tough to say. The bulk of the episode plays like a regular school club comedy, with Yuki being sickeningly cute and doing cute things with other cute girls. It’s really just a prologue, with hammer dropping in the last few minutes. Those last few minutes were waaay darker than I expected though, and if the ratio evens out more between Yuki’s cute delusions and the harsh reality of their situation, this could be pretty amazing. If it stays 95% school comedy though, it would be a waste of the show’s potential. Either way I am totally on board to find out. I love me some black humor and using moe as a contrast to some darker material is right up my alley.


Marlin’s verdict: Moe is Clearly Just a Form of PTSD

As Jel said, the twist to this show is really what works most in its favor. Even if this manages to be way more moe than we think, I believe it will work out as long as they keep hammering some of these scenes home with grim reality. Only problem I can see them running into is how to make this varied and interesting enough to keep us engaged every week. The girls are somewhat limited in what they can do, so unless part of the show actually takes them outside the school, they’ll have to work that much harder to make their daily struggles interesting. Next episode seems to imply some flashback, so we’ll have to see how in-depth this gets.

3 thoughts on “First Look: School Live!

  1. Ha ha. Nothing to see here, huh.

    Don’t worry; I read the source manga, and I’m not going to say anything. But I think that would be difficult; I mean, unlike two certain shows with the twists happening after a few episode, this one…oops, I almost talk too much.

    Looking forward to more from our favorite teach here. Heh.

    • I’m guessing it stays more lighthearted? But thank you for not spoiling, I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

  2. If the manga’s anything to go by, the anime might be swinging in-between lighthearted moments and grim moments in a fast pace, and both of those kind of moments can be very well taken seriously. It might turn off people looking for a work with a consistent tone, but I don’t really mind this one.

    Welp, nothing to see here, citizen. Move along.

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