The GLORIO Chat Episode 3: Shoulder Guns Are Cool


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We take a break from more conventional anime talk and tackle our sexiest topic yet – GUNPLA. Gee and Iro drop some knowledge on my ignorant self about the art of building elaborate plastic robots. It’s quite interesting, promise!

Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by BRADIO

Show Notes

• Gunpla resources as provided by Gee:
“A general overview of the basics of gunpla as well as the things you need to know to take it to the next level.”
“A blog with lots of very helpful tutorials.”
“A Korean blog that catalogs almost every gunpla kit ever made. If you want to see what the models look like before making any purchases, dalong is here for you.”
“Katsumi Kawaguchi is Bandai’s official gunpla builder, and his youtube channel has plenty to offer.”

• Read about the “manga” paintwork here and here.

Overman King Gainer OP:

• Iro’s Wing Gundam Fenice:


• One more shot of Gee’s Kampfer:


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