First Look: Chivalry of a Failed Knight


Alternative titles: Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan
Light Novel Adaptation by Silverlink
Streaming on Hulu


Some guy is really bad at magic academy but somehow beats the most powerful, beautiful girl in school and oh god I can’t do this please send help.

Jel’s verdict: This Show Has Indeed Failed

Rather than waste everyone’s time saying how all these light novel power fantasies are identical, I’m going to share my results from playing Iro’s Light Novel Mad Libs Bingo and laugh hysterically. I will write a new review when they decide to write a new show.

rakudai copy

Iro’s verdict: Light Novel Mad Libs

If you needed any evidence that light novels (and consequently, anime adaptations thereof) are disgustingly formulaic these days, just compare this show with The Asterisk War. They’re almost indistinguishable. Skip it.


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