First Look: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon


Alternative titles: Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai, Anime was a Mistake
Light Novel Adaptation by Silver Link
Streaming on Crunchyroll


There’s an Anti-Magic Academy and they have a 35th Test Platoon made out of the very worst of their number, plus a guy with a sword. I guess they’re like law enforcement or something?

Iro’s verdict: Trash, Garbage, Etc.

This is equally bad as all of the other shit light novel adaptations this season, possibly worse. I hesitate to invoke Light Novel Bingo for what, the third time this season? But gosh, it really shows how tedious anime has become nowadays. At least Anti-Magic Academy has the bones of an interesting premise, with a task-force (in a high school, because of course) apparently dedicated to fighting mages, but neglects most of it to focus on building up its cast as a bunch of fanservice objects. The female lead’s backstory of “a witch killed my family!” is generally a tried-but-true concept, but they push it so hard that it’s impossible to take seriously, like the rest of the show. Skip it.

antimagic bingo

Zigg’s verdict: Mindlessly Recycled Pap

There’s almost nothing I can say about this show. It’s not quite bad enough to provoke the screams of horrified outrage I occasionally come to these First Looks with, but neither does it have any redeeming features worth mentioning whatsoever. It’s pure 100% fodder, meaningless pap that’s designed to sell image songs and skeevy figures. It has no artistic goal beyond filling time, no agenda beyond moving merchandise and nothing of value to bring to any discussion whatsoever. I’ve always said that boring shows are more offensive than bad ones, but this is both bad and boring, and therefore has nowhere to hide. Disastrous.

colons’ verdict: There was a pretty cool robot?

There’s a market for this show. Think about that.


3 thoughts on “First Look: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon

  1. I’m… going to watch the second episode. I’m not sure why, either, since I sighed even more than the main character. But… I guess I didn’t hate it? (Note: I had volume off for the whole second half, that probably helped a bunch.)
    But seriously, both the top waifu and the MC in this show both know their show is shit. Like, come on. That’s just sad.

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